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Invasion: Nexus Now Available for Wildstar

by William Schwartz


Team Wildstar recently announced a wide variety of updates for popular MMORPG Wildstar. This new update, the Invasion: Nexus patch, involves a variety of new features and additions to the game. Invasion: Nexus, a new story line, gives players the chance to defend the planet Nexus against certain invasion, along with the ability to join raids and fight zombies.

Among some of the biggest changes, besides the new Invasion: Nexus storyline, involve an update to the wardrobe system. As opposed to being used like items, wardrobe pieces will be considered “looks” and can be customized by each player to further enhance their characters’ looks. Players can also now collect and summon various companion pets, participate in new 20-person plus raids, and explore new storylines and areas.

A number of zones and levels have also been streamlines, making it easier for players of all levels to navigate and participate in various quests.

While most of these updates are intended to enhance the gameplay experience, players can also enjoy a variety of optimizations designed to improve frame rates and reduce hard drive reads.

The update is now live and available for all Wildstar players to enjoy today.

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