Is Microsoft Going to Offer On-Live Type Service?

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by William Schwartz

With all of the changes that are on the way for Xbox Live, Windows 8, and the inevitable launch of a next generation console, is Microsoft gearing up to go head to head with On-Live?  A new rumor suggests that this is precisely what they are doing.

Microsoft has dabbled in the streaming services with their enhancements and integration with mobile devices like the Windows Phone, but these new rumors suggest that it would be a much stronger push in the direction of digital distribution for the console maker.

On-Live which offers their streaming service currently, hasn’t hit mainstream gamers at this point.  A push by one of the big three into this uncharted territory could be just what it takes to make streaming games an industry standard instead of a pipe dream.

Would you purchase streaming games if Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo offered them?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and remember this is just a rumor.

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