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Jackbox Party Pack 3 is Coming to the Switch

by Kevin Reyes


Jackbox Games has officially announced that the third installment in their Jackbox Party Pack franchise will be available on the Nintendo Switch. While no exact date has been given, the official Twitter account stated that Jackbox Party Pack 3 is “coming soon” to Nintendo’s upcoming platform.

For those not familiar with the Jackbox Party Pack franchise, these are a series of titles that contain five unique party games in each pack. These party games vary from trivia based ones to those that rely on trying to outwit your friends. Most of the games can be played by a maximum of eight players.

What truly makes this franchise unique is that, despite the number of players each game can support, people will only ever need one copy of the game and one monitor to play it. All of the games in the packs support using a person’s smart phone, tablet, or computer as their “controller” for the game. The only real requirement needed to play together is a code that’s showed at the start of every game that players need to input into the Jackbox website to participate.

No details have been revealed as of yet on the Nintendo Switch version of the game or if it will have features unique to the platform. However, given the nature of the games in the Party Pack franchise, it is safe to assume that it will still be able to support players joining in through their browsers or smart devices.

Jackbox Party Pack 3 came out in October of 2016 with five games: Quiplash 2Trivia Muder PartyGuesspionageTee K.O., and Fakin’ It. It is currently available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as well as Smart TV platforms such as Android TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. The pack has a fixed price of $24.99 across all platforms so this will most likely be the cost when it comes out for the Switch later on.

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