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Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk Will Contain Six Cases

All six cases have never been released before in the West.

by Dylan Siegler


Over here in the West, we haven’t gotten many Jake Hunter games. But in Japan, it’s an adventure series boasting twenty entries dating back to 1987. One of the newer games, Ghost of the Dusk, is slated for a western release later this month and will include several cases completely new to western audiences.

Publisher Aksys Games announced today (September 6) in a press release that Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk will not only include the eponymous Ghost of the Dusk case, but five other cases that are coming to the West for the first time. These additional cases are entitled Legend of the Demon PrincessFor LoveForget Me NotFour Seasons, and Jake Hunter Unleashed! School Festival Locked Office Case.

In Ghost of the Dusk, Detective Jake Hunter investigates a mysterious mansion after the accidental death of a homeless man. In Legend of the Demon Princess, a new client hires Jake to look into what she thinks is an affair between her husband and Jake’s assistant, Yulia. For Love sees Jake save a bar owner from loan sharks before being hired by her to look into a love-related tragedy. In Forget Me Not, a woman asks Jake to deliver a letter to her daughter, who refuses to accept it. Four Seasons revolves around a promise Jake made to two men at an antique shop called Four Seasons. Lastly, the special episode Jake Hunter Unleashed! School Festival Locked Office Case sees Jake caught up in a murder mystery while trying to attend a college’s summer festival.

Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk will be released for the 3DS (yes, you read that right, new games are still coming to the 3DS) on September 28.

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