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Playstation’s Jim Ryan On The Last Of Us Part 2 Controversy

| November 1, 2017

Playstation's Jim Ryan On The Last Of Us Part 2 Controversy News  The Last of Us Part 2 PlayStation 4 Naughty Dog

Despite how some might have felt about Sony’s performance at Paris Games Week on Monday, there’s no doubt that the highlight of the show was the new trailer for The Last of Us Part 2. Even though the trailer generated a lot of attention (as expected), not all of it is good and many argue that the violence featured in it lacked context and was unnecessary.

Here is the trailer (in case you need a refresher):

Now, Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, has spoken out in defense of the trailer in an interview with The Telegraph, saying that if you have an issue with the game’s theme then you probably need to grow up or in his own words: “The Last of Us is a game made by adults to be played by adults.”

When questioned about the reaction to the trailer, Ryan stated:

“The Last of Us obviously is a game made by adults to be played by adults. I should never prejudge this but it will probably be rated 18, I think it’s fair to say. And there’s that market for those people who like that sort of game. Adults who like that sort of game…”

“I think a platform holder provides a platform and the people who make games, whether they’re our own studios or third-party publishers, they bring the content to the platform. We provide the platform. We have to ensure the right content is played by the right people – of appropriate ages in particular. I thought The Last of Us Part 2 was a great way to end the show and I feel very good about it.”

This led to the question of context. As some will tell you, a major issue for many wasn’t just that the trailer was violent, but that it just sort of happened. We were “forced” to see a graphic scene that had nothing leading up to it or any real explanation of what was going on.

When questioned about this and whether video game publishers have a responsibility to couch such content in a different way, Ryan responded:

“I think what we’re trying to do is to portray qualities of the various games we had on show. And I think it is difficult when you have a clip of four or five minutes to synthesise a gameplay experience that can be measured in the tens of hours.

“And, again, the studio was seeking to portray a game that will be rated as suitable for adults to play and that’s what we did.”

Lastly, Ryan doubled down on his defense of the trailer at the conclusion of the interview, saying Naughty Dog made no errors in showing it off at the Media Showcase.

Check out the full interview here.

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  • Cinj

    The cucks representing gaming “journalism” don’t represent the average gamer (or even the average human being for that matter) who truly has no one to speak for them. Of all the legitimate gripes I’ve heard about TLoU outside of the gaming press, the violence was not one of them.

    No one is forcing these sissies to play it.

    • Hijinx

      It’s not just other journalists though. Regular gamers found issue with it too.

      Honestly, I just think there is something wrong with me at this point. I thought the event was weak overall, but I loved the trailers for Detroit: Become Human and TLoU 2 and assumed others would feel the same….I was wrong.

      • Cinj

        Depends on what you consider a “regular gamer”. Way too many fad chasers out there that hang on every word the SJW-riddled gaming press has to say. I can’t say I have a ton of gamer friends, but I certainly don’t know any that takes issue with violence in games. Something, I might add, that has been a thing for a long while and maybe these people didn’t get the memo. But of course they wouldn’t know, because they’re not regular gamers so they have no perspective.

        I find it amusing though that these same people that clamor for games to be art and on par with movies and TV then turn around and act mortified when something transpires in a game that wouldn’t be out of place in said films and television. These same people who decry that there’s not enough diversity in games then whines when a female is the victim of violence as opposed to a man, which is especially hypocritical when you consider that women are constantly paraded as victims of violence in reality. Is this not art imitating life?

  • crizz1066

    I think with everything going on in the world, it may seem a
    bit over the top some of the critism aimed at the trailer. I for one don’t have
    an issue.

    But because of the likes of Cinj below, who are so filled full of hatred and
    bile that we need to counteract them. Thus we have to put up with the pendulum
    swinging the other way too far for a bit. But I’m happy with my life and
    masculinity, so I can put up with it, gota wonder why nasty bigots like him
    keep attacking. What’s so wrong in their life, they have to keep attacking and
    name calling like a child. I pity them I truly do, I’d hate to be so full of