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Jonah Lomu Rugby On PS1 In High Demand Following The Legend’s Tragic Death

by Damian Seeto


Rugby superstar Jonah Lomu tragically died of a heart attack earlier this week. This has caused fans in New Zealand to dig up their old copies of Jonah Lomu Rugby for PS1.

Usually when a big celebrity dies, their merchandise becomes in high demand. This has been the case for Jonah Lomu as his legendary PS1 endorsed video game has become in high demand on New Zealand’s TradeMe website. For those unaware, this is New Zealand’s version of eBay.

PS1 games aren’t usually expensive. People usually sell them for around $10 or less. Only popular and rare video games in their original packaging goes for higher prices. This normally happens with copies of Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7 and games of that nature.

Since Jonah Lomu sadly passed away, copies of Jonah Lomu Rugby have been put up on TradeMe and the prices of these copies have skyrocketed. One listing includes a copy of the game with the PSOne console and this is going for $500. You do get two controllers too.

As of time of writing, three copies of the Jonah Lomu Rugby game have been listed on their own. Bids for the game are over $100 each and this will only go up.

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