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Jurassic World Evolution Shows its First In-Game Footage

by Jose Belmonte


This summer we were surprised by the announcement of Jurassic World Evolution at Gamescom. The game lets players build and manage their own theme park with living dinosaurs, with the objective of basically having a better ending than any of the movies of the franchise. Now the studio Frontier Developments have released a video with the first in-game footage of the game, showcasing various dinosaur models and some of the buildings of the park. Of course, the presence of creatures like the T-Rex and velociraptor is required in anything to do with the franchise, and these images serve to prove that they haven’t missed the chance to terrify fans once again. Fans will also note how the dinosaurs make the same noises as in the films.

Jurassic World Evolution follows the classic style of strategy and management games like Sim City, allowing players to build the park following their own imagination, but it adds a factor of unpredictability with the creatures living in the park. These supposed fun attractions will make keeping control over the park a very difficult task, as the game will put to work the franchise’s classic mantra of “Life finds a way.”

As the announcement trailer showcased this summer, the game is set on the same park as the 2015 blockbuster Jurassic World, built on Isla Nublar. The launch of the game is expected to coincide with the sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, coming to theaters summer 2018.

Jurassic World Evolution will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Watch the video below.

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