Just Cause 3 Has More Serious Tone, But Is Still Funny

by Damian Seeto

A developer for Just Cause 3 admits the game has a more serious tone, but funny moments are still added here and there.

Just Cause 3’s creative director, Christofer Sundberg, answered a few questions about the game on his official Twitter account.

Sundberg said on Twitter: “The game is not made to take itself very seriously. It’s made to put a smile on people’s faces – play it or just watch. :)

As most people may have seen already, Just Cause 3’s first gameplay trailer came out. However, one fan noticed the marketing for the game has been a little more serious than before. The fan felt that this new trailer had a more serious tone compared to the previous games.

Sundberg tweeted: “It’s got a bit more serious tone but still the same game with plenty of holy fucking shit moments to go around for everyone

Looking at the recent Just Cause 3 trailer, the game is anything but realistic. That is not a bad thing, just an observation. The series was made famous in the first place with all the insane things you can do in the game. Not to mention the gorgeous looking open world landscapes that you can explore too.

It’s possible the story in Just Cause 3 is a little more serious, but the gameplay itself is still fun and full of action.