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Just Cause 4 Digs Up Rico Rodriguez’s Past in New Story Trailer

Things get personal for explosives extraordinaire Rico Rodriguez.

by Jacob Bukacek

Another day, another corrupt government to topple for demolitions wizard Rico Rodriguez. Just Cause 4’s E3 reveal already established that the stakes would be higher this time around thanks to the local dictator’s weather machine, but a new trailer released today shows that Rico may also have a very personal stake in the events transpiring. He’s not just out to do a job anymore, he’s out to get answers.

At first glance, the set up for Just Cause 4 appears to be the same as it was in the previous game: some dictator has gone a bit power mad, and now Rico Rodriguez has to go in an make them stop using nothing but tow lines, a parachute, and enough C4 to flatten a small island. It’s standard Just Cause operating procedure, really. What’s not so standard about this newest adventure is that Mr. Rodriguez appears to have gone rogue.

In a scene that presumably takes place before Rodriguez makes landfall in Solis, a colleague drops a potential bomb on Rodriguez regarding his father and a man known as Oscar Espinoza. Based on the information divulged and Rico’s reaction to the surveillance footage found by his friend, it’s probably safe to say that Rico’s past isn’t quite what he thought it was. His father was involved in something big, and it seems that that something was in Solis.

The exact nature of what his father was involved is still a secret of course, but one can surmise that it has something to do with the weather machine being developed in the country’s center. Rico can be spotted talking to a man holding a strange relic, and he’s later seen helping that man open a crypt of some kind. With that in mind, it’s plausible that this game will have some sort of occult twist; something scary enough to give even a man like Rico Rodriguez pause. Between this and Just Cause 4’s amped-up production values, fans may very well be in for a wild ride this time around.

Just Cause 4 launches for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on December 4.


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