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Kalypso’s Grand Ages: Medieval Listed For PlayStation 4 Via Online Retailer


It seems that Kalypso is going to continue to release their PC titles on PlayStation 4. According to a recent online listing, Grand Ages: Medieval looks to be coming to the platform at some point in the future.

Grand Ages: Medieval will join Tropico 5, which releases tomorrow if the recent listing on Amazon Germany is to believed.  The title has players explore a massive world over 30 million square kilometers and strategically create cities and defend them against invading forces. Players will create an army and trade twenty different goods between citizens and soldiers to create an economically viable society. The title will also feature natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanos, fires, droughts and more to discourage the player. All in the hopes to create a grand Medieval society. Check out the recently trailer for the PC version that shows off the game world.

The game doesn’t look bad at all, but strategic games don’t really have a great history on consoles. However, the continued support for the PlayStation 4 by Kalypso just means that it might just be only a matter of time before Grand Ages: Medieval makes it to the platform.


There is currently no release date listed on Amazon for the PlayStation 4 version of Grand Ages: Medieval or the PC version which says ‘2015’ on the Steam page. Strategy fans still have a bit to wait if they want to conquer the Medieval time period.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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