Killing Floor 2 Will Have A Banging Metal Soundtrack

by AOTF Staff

Ultra-brutal FPS Killing Floor 2’s soundtrack will see a worldwide release, digitally and in retail outlets on 21st of April. To suit the game hard hitting and ferocious premise, the soundtrack will be a mix of metal, rock, industrial and electronic music to get fans in the enemy slaying mood!

“This is a dream soundtrack for me to have so many amazing bands with songs that fit the game so well,” said Tripwire Interactive President John Gibson, “Only an independent game studio would put together such a brutal game soundtrack, and it’s great to be able to partner with the independent label Solid State Records to release it.”

The soundtrack will be published by Solid State Records (Haste The Day,Forevermore) but will include original compositions as well as metal tracks. Killing Floor fan favorite artist, zYnthetic will return with his unique mix of electronic, industrial, metal, and rock. Metal bands Demon Hunter and Living Sacrifice will also collaborate for exclusive tunes alongside with Rocky Gray of Evanescence and Living Sacrifice fame who will contribute some original material.

Most of the above mentioned artists have already been featured in the last developers diary which you can check out at the bottom of the article and here’s the the track listing:

01 – Murderer, Impending Doom
02 – Something More (Re-Record), Living Sacrifice
03 – Infected, Demon Hunter
04 – By the Throat, Zynthetic
05 – Kill or Be Killed, Rocky Gray
06 – Image Corruptor, Zynthetic
07 – Made for War, Bruce Fitzhugh and Jeremiah Scott
08 – Prey for the Wicked, Zynthetic
09 – We Don’t Care, Demon Hunter
10 – Clone Mutation, Rocky Gray
11 – Bitter End, Fit for a King
12 – Death Marches, Zynthetic
13 – Rendezvous Point, Zynthetic
14 – Ravenous Disease, Impending Doom
15 – Hydra, Zynthetic
16 – Despair, Living Sacrifice
17 – Collapsing, Demon Hunter
18 – Foreign Bodies, Zynthetic
19 – Incarnate, Zynthetic
20 – Not I, Demon Hunter
21 – Recombinant, Zynthetic
22 – Death, Demon Hunter
23 – Aftermath, Zynthetic

Full Album Digital Only Bonus Tracks:
24 – Defend the Crown, Bruce Fitzhugh and Jeremiah Scott
25 – Disunion Reconstructed, Dirge

Killing Floor 2 will hit PC, SteamOS and PlayStation 4 later this year. The first instalment was one of the most ruthless and violent first person shooters and the second release will up the ante even further and with a banging soundtrack, fans are in for a hell of a ride!

- This article was updated on April 2nd, 2015