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Why Kingdom Hearts 3 Was Missing From E3 2016

by Damian Seeto


E3 2016 had lots of game reveals, yet Square Enix chose not to show anything new about Kingdom Hearts 3. There is a good reason why the game was missing at this year’s event.

VentureBeat interviewed Tai Yasue who is the co-director for Kingdom Hearts 3. He explained the reason why they withheld footage of the game at E3 2016.

Yasue said: “It was a difficult decision for us. We want to share as much as possible. We’re excited about Kingdom Hearts III. But II.8 we’re releasing globally at the beginning of December. We wanted to concentrate on that first. We want what’s best for the moment. We’re currently making III and 2.8 at the same time, but we wanted to concentrate on 2.8 right now“.

Square Enix is currently making 2.8 and 3 at the same time which is a sign that the latter might not be out soon. The good news is that new players don’t have to play the older games in order to understand what is going to happen in the third game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was first announced at E3 2013 and fans are still waiting for it to come out. Hopefully Square Enix gives us another update about the game once 2.8 comes out this December.

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