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Kingdom Hearts 3 Mini-Game World Comes Straight Out Of The 1980s

Square Enix is offering up a dose of nostalgia with its line of Classic Kingdom mini-games.

by Jelani James


Square Enix has provided a new update and trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, revealing yet another world — Classic Kingdom — which is basically a series of mini-games that Sora can whip out and play on the go.

Much like Final Fantasy, mini-games are a staple of the Kingdom Hearts series (especially when it comes to the main series). The original Kingdom Hearts had mini-games in several worlds, but the primary world to play them in was the 100 Acre Wood with Wiinie the Pooh and Co.; while KH II had even more, and even made Atlantica a dedicated mini-game world where everything is done in the form of a song — including the boss fight against Ursula.

As for Kingdom Hearts 3, we still don’t know the full range of mini-games it will offer, but this update suggests that Classic Kingdom will offer a fair amount of them. And as the name suggests, it will dump the color and modernized aesthetic in favor of a vintage theme — utilizing classic Disney cartoons and 1980s LCD games — that looks straight out of the 1980s.

In fact, they look pretty much look the same as Nintendo’s Game & Watch titles, so if you like that, then you’ll likely enjoy what the Classic Kingom has to offer.

Meanwhile, Square Enix also announced that up to 300 players of Kingdom Hearts: Union χ [Cross] will be selected to have their player names appear in a secret location within Kingdom Hearts III. Check out this page for more info.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is due out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018.

Check out the Classic Kingdom reveal trailer below:

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