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Kojima most definitely behind The Phantom Pain

by William Schwartz


It’s almost a certainty that Hideo Kojima is behind The Phantom Pain, but a tweet from the creator Metal Gear seems to out his involvement in the game. Recently, the developer began tweeting about the development process for the trailer he’s creating for GDC 13, and posted a screenshot of the development process. A file name found on the screen all but confirms his ties to the mystery game.

Taking a closer look at Kojima’s video editing tools, you can see the file name of the video. In the top left corner of the editor, the file is named TPP_GDC2013_720p_ESRB. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect Kojima to The Phantom Pain.

The first look at The Phantom Pain came last year when this mystery game was revealed at Spike’s Video Game Awards show. A game was shown that looked eerily similar to Metal Gear, and closer analysis of the trailer drew many connections to the Metal Gear franchise. More recently, a mystery developer was a guest on Spike’s GTTV, giving an interview for The Phantom Pain.

GDC 13 will likley see Hideo Kojima finally confirm his involvement in The Phantom Pain, and reveal what’s next for the Metal Gear franchise with Ground Zeroes and the Fox Engine.

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