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Konami Might Be Bringing Castlevania To The Switch

by Jelani James


Netflix isn’t the only place we’ll be seeing Castlevania in the near future. With any luck, the Nintendo Switch might soon be getting a Castlevania entry of its own at some point. That’s right, Konami is talking about bringing the beloved franchise back to consoles.

In an interview with Miketendo64, European Brand Manager, Richard Jones, confirmed that there’d been “lots of internal discussions” at Konami to determine what games the publisher “can bring to the Nintendo Switch.”

“All I can say is that there is lots of internal discussions going on within Konami regarding what games we can bring to the Nintendo Switch, other than Bomberman, a game which we are well aware of its heritage and how loved it and Castlevania is,” Jones said. “So much so that Castlevania is getting its own show on Netflix and because of that, we’re hearing a lot of desires from our fans for a new Castlevania series.”

“So we do know there is a demand for a new game, but right now nothing is set in stone as the discussions are still on-going.”

This is certainly encouraging news for Castlevania fans who have been longing for a new entry in the game for years, especially since Konami has made it a point to reduce some of their most popular IPs to pachinko machines.

That said, it would be wise not to get too excited. Ignoring the fact that nothing definitive about the future of the series has been mentioned, it’s unlikely that it will ever return to the state that many remember it. The series has never been quite the same since Koji Igarashi, director of the critically acclaimed Symphony of the Night and producer of the series thereafter, left the company following the completion of Harmony of Despair in 2014. The series was quickly rebooted with the Lords of Shadow series, but it wasn’t as well-received as the original plotline.

That isn’t to say this hypothetical game is doomed from the start though. Even if the game doesn’t resemble the Castlevania from Koji Igarashi’s era, there is still the possibility of the title going over well with fans. Considering that Super Bomberman R is a kind of revitalization of the original Bomberman concept, it stands to reason that this new Castlevania will draw inspiration from NES titles. In addition, it stands to reason that if the Netflix series is well-received, then future games will be made in its image.

And in the case that none of this pans out, Switch owners will still have Bloodstained, the spiritual successor of SotN, to look forward to.

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