Konami Will Be Making New Metal Gear Games After The Phantom Pain

by Damian Seeto

Konami has revealed on its official website that it will be making new Metal Gear games after the release of The Phantom Pain.

The first part of the message (written in Japanese) once again confirms that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released to most countries on September 1st, 2015. It will be out on September 2nd in Asia and Japan.

The latter part of the message are where things get very interesting. It appears Konami has stealthily confirmed it will continue production of Metal Gear games well after The Phantom Pain has been released.

In addition, KONAMI is: also in production of a “Metal Gear” series after “MGSV TPP”, we will continue to provide. Thank you continue to “Metal Gear” series you look forward for your patronage as in the future.

In addition, KONAMI has resolved to embark on production of a new “Metal Gear” series.”

It then refers you to a link where Konami is finding new staff to join the team. The job category says “New Metal Gear production staff”.

The qualifications to join Konami are:

  • High-end game production, it is practical experience of planning, etc.
  • Have-rich imagination, it is able to generate innovative ideas
  • If you have a strong passion for the game making
    the communication skills to convey the ideas you person who has

This may be solid proof that Konami is interested in continuing the Metal Gear franchise without Hideo Kojima. Kojima confirmed that The Phantom Pain will be his last Metal Gear video game.