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L.A. Noire developer facing financial ruin

by William Schwartz


Team Bondi might have struck critical success with their seven year labor of love in LA Noire, but the developer is struggling for cash.  Team Bondi’s now infamous boss, Brendan McNamara, was spotted touring George Miller’s KMM Studio in Sydney, Australia.  Early reports suggest that Miller’s company is interested in taking in Team Bondi as the company is running out of business opportunties after reports suggested that there was a difficult working environment between Rockstar and the Austrailian developer.

Some of the team members that had accused McNamara of harsh working conditions had already made the move to KMM, and were reportedly surprised to see McNamara visiting the offices shortly after their departures.  According to sources, Miller is sympathetic to McNamara’s situation, but that he is a huge fan of the work.

- This article was updated on:May 16th, 2017

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