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Latest Kirby Star Allies Video Showcases Boss Fight and New Levels

by C.J. Keller


With the Nintendo Switch nearing its one year anniversary, it’s about time that we’re finally getting a proper Kirby game added to the first-party line-up of games.  Just a couple of weeks away from release, Nintendo has dropped a new video for Kirby Star Allies which showcases some stages that we’ve yet to see and boss fight gameplay.

Kit and Krysta tackle a new lava-themed level called Nature’s Navel.  Controlling Kirby and Driblee they traverse the level, progressing and befriending enemies. As explained in the video, when playing the game in co-op, players can control other characters that they come across, each with unique abilities.  Players will use Friend Hearts to gather these helpers for a party of up to four characters.  Eventually the duo do get four characters in their party, which features two CPU party members.   When the game launches, up to four players can play together in Kirby Star Allies to control each of the characters in the party and their power-ups.

Taking the characters that joined their party in in the previous stage, the duo heads off to another new level called Longview Corridor which features a number of hazards like various enemies and electric spike traps.  Upon reaching the end of Longview Corridor we get a look at a boss fight against Frozen General Francisca.

Kirby Star Allies is looking like a game that Kirby fans are sure to enjoy with plenty of power-ups to use, and the ability to play cooperatively with up to three other friends or the computer.  Kirby Star Allies is getting ready to launch on the Nintendo Switch on March 16th.

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