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Latest Magazine Scan Shows Final Fantasy 15 New Abilities

by Damian Seeto


The latest issue of Weekly Jump magazine in Japan has more information of the combat skills that Noctis and his gang have in Final Fantasy 15.

Nova Crystallis posted the scan on their website and it tells you some of the new skills that the team has in Final Fantasy 15. The combat system is unlike in any other mainstream Final Fantasy video game.

There are two new link attacks that you can do that are explained in the scan. Link attacks are double-team moves and they can only be activated under certain conditions. The characters can interact with one-another either by swapping weapons or using tactical maneuvers.

The other thing that can be seen is the menu set-up used during combat. There are four weapon slots that Noctis can use to change instantly and there are three accessories that he can use. Users will be able to customize the load-out so that you can bring the best weapons and accessories for battle.

Lastly, Final Fantasy 15 has a “command” button so you can tell your other teammates how to fight. The commands can be used when you are in combat. It gives you more freedom to control your AI mates since Noctis is the only one that is playable.

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