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Latest Mortal Kombat X Patch Adds Jason Voorhees & Free Sub-Zero Costume

by William Schwartz


The latest Mortal Kombat X patch (1.02) is now available on PlayStation 4 and appears to be on several other platforms as well. It adds a few costumes to the games code which appears to have been on-disc DLC such as Jason Voorhees as well as adding improvements to online stability and balancing.

The Mortal Kombat X patch 1.02 also has a few official notes on the PlayStation mention not only the addition of Jason Voorhees to the games coding for compatability but also several new costume variants. These are likely future DLC and are included as part of the Kombat/Season Pass. It also fixes several game issues and adds the free Klassic skin for Sub-Zero.

The patch also had a short blurb written about it on the offical Warner/Mortal Kombat forums which have edits to several characters attacks. Check it out below.

General – Throws (regular or command grabs) will no longer sometimes connect on a grounded reacting opponent off a counter hit

Shinnok(Impostor) – He can now control the location of a stolen Goro Stomp.

Subzero(Grandmaster) – Combos on a grounded opponent frozen by the Ice Klone will now scale properly.

Takeda(Ronin) – Added a new move “Quick Kall” (Down, Towards, Front Punch) which quickly returns a dropped blade without doing an attack.

Takeda(Shirai Ryu) – He will now always teleport to the other side when doing the Air Shirai Ryu Port

At least this answers the question of on-disc DLC for Mortal Kombat X, which most already knew due to their past history with downloadable content. At least NetherRealm Studios gave fans a free Sub-Zero costume and a glance at future DLC.

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