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Latest PUBG Patch #4 Live for Xbox One, Here’s What’s Included

by Emma Pak


The latest patch for PUBG on the Xbox One has arrived overnight on 1/8/18 and as promised it includes a number of fixes and features for the game.  While it by no means brings the game to perfection, developers say they are currently working “diligently to elevate the overall player experience.”

One of the things that has been hindering PUBG on the Xbox One is game crashes.  This problem is one that’s supposed to be addressed in this update, but players shouldn’t expect that it’s fixed entirely.  A developer note does say that they have work remaining to be able to reproduce and fix all issues in that regard, and it’s something that they will continue to improve upon.

On the gameplay front, some noteable things have changed for PUBG on the Xbox One.  Aim acceleration can be adjusted by players in-game.  Weapon damage against vehicle has been increased in this patch, and a FPP solo matchmaking option has been added for players.

On the optimization side of things, the developers say that frame rates have been increased on the server and client side.

You can find the full notes for Patch #4 for PUBG on Xbox One below:


  • Aim acceleration can now be adjusted by players via in-game option
  • Player weapon damage has been increased against vehicles.  We will continue to monitor player feedback and telemetry and make further balancing adjustments as needed in future updates
  • FPP Solo matchmaking queue will be made available for NA/EU/and Oceanic servers. We will open other modes within those regions as concurrency allows
  • Fixed an issue that caused indoor lighting and shadows to appear too dark and blueish
  • Analog stick acceleration added while exiting the plane and while parachuting


  • PhysX performance enhancements
  • Server FPS slightly increased
  • Client FPS slightly increased
  • Some VFX received slight optimizations


  • Music on/off option added

Bug fixes

  • Addressed a number of known crashes
  • Fixed a UI issue that occurred when multiple players attempted to loot from the same source

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