Latest Valorant Patch Hits 2 Meta Agents With Heavy Nerfs

These nerfs may change how often you see these agents in your next play sessions.

by Carlos Hurtado
A promotional image featuring a series of Valorant Characters

Valorant players always look for new ways to defeat enemies and win matches. In any competitive shooter, players are looking to dominate with their favorite character, mastering their abilities and taking advantage of the power and versatility they bring to the table. As with any competitive shooter, balance changes come in every patch, but this time two agents received some nerfs that will change how gamers play with them in their next matches.

On February 14, the official Valorant website released update 6.03 patch notes revealing the newest changes added to the game, and among them, players will find something more than interesting. According to the newest patch notes, Killjoy and Raze received some nerfs to their fundamental abilities, something that players will have to adapt once the update goes live.

According to the patch notes, Killjoy’s turret will have one hundred health points, twenty-five less than it used to have previous to the update. Besides this health change, Killjoy’s ultimate will need 8 points to be available, one more point compared to what it used to need before this update.

Raze, on the other hand, received a nerf to its Boom bot. Now it will only last five seconds, cutting its life span by half, cutting the abilities utility, and making players think twice before using it in their next matches.

These nerfs will force players to change their play style and value their abilities. Many players throw away their abilities at the start of the round or use their utility carelessly. With these new changes, players will need to plan their plays more often and strategize with their team.

Besides these balance changes, this newest update brought bug fixes and changes to the game. Riot Games fixed some bugs regarding KAYO, AI, connection, the Fractured map, and even character height across some agents. Valorant players will have to test these changes before they jump into the ranked mode. Slight balance changes like these may be critical in last-round plays.

Valorant is available now on PC. For more information about the game, go to the official Valorant Twitter page.

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2023