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League of Legends Honor System goes live

by William Schwartz


The League of Legends Honor System which had been hinted at earlier by Riot Games, has arrived for the free-to-play title. The Honor system is a game system implemented within League of Legends to give players credit for helping others have a positive experience in the game.

Honor allows players to “acknowledge summoners who helped make your game awesome by clicking on the thumbs up icon next to a summoners name”. The League of Legends Honor System is broken down into four categories which players can vote as to how you’ve helped their experience. Helpful, Friendly, Teamwork, and Honorable Opponent options should each be used if the situation calls for them.

Players can view their summoner profile, and others can see player’s Honor scores across multiple categories. For more details on the League of Legends Honor System, head to the LoL website.

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