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Left 4 Dead 3 or Half Life 3: Valve is such a tease

by William Schwartz


First it was Half Life, then the conversation turned to Left 4 Dead. Valve just likes to keep its fans guessing when it comes to threes. Fans that are patiently awaiting the announcement of either Half Life 3 or Left 4 Dead 3 have had their fair share of teases over the past few years, and the rumor mill has been heating up lately, especially when it comes to Left 4 Dead 3.

Earlier this week, a rumor originated on a Russian website that alleged Left 4 Dead 3 information was on the way. The site posted a countdown timer for the unannounced game, and Valve hasn’t said anything in regards to the rumors. To make matters worse, Valve’s Marc Laidlaw posted a cruel tease to fans via Vine, titled “Dare I”.

Laidlaw, a writer at Valve posted the quick video, and it’s no doubt going to get fan hopes even higher than the likely misleading website. But Valve fans shouldn’t be surprised at this point. It’s become pretty common that every few months or so another rumors pops up that alleges to have the details about when one of these new games will arrive, and while its been mostly Half Life 3 related for the past few years, Left 4 Dead 3 may be the new thing to rustle up fans.

But it still wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Valve revealed a new game for either series at this point. Left 4 Dead 2 was released all the way back in 2009, and Half Life even earlier. Sequels are long overdue, especially in the climate that most games are developed in these days. With technology getting ready to move upward yet again with new consoles, many expect Valve to release both a new engine and either one of these games would be a great billboard for Source 2.

As for now though, we’ll just have to deal with teases for the time being.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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