LexCorp Building Seen In Batman: Arkham Knight

by Damian Seeto

The latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight shows a cool easter egg that the LexCorp building is somewhere in the game.

A very eagle-eyed NeoGAF user managed to see the LexCorp building in Batman: Arkham Knight. It was revealed during the Ace Chemicals Part 3 trailer. Even though this trailer was revealed way back in December, it took over a month for someone to take notice of the easter egg.

It’s hard to predict if Lex Luthor and/or Superman will actually be appearing in Batman: Arkham Knight. It could be that Rocksteady just wanted to add something special for DC fans. The Wayne Enterprises logo was seen in the movie Man of Steel, even though Batman didn’t appear in the film at all. It was just a cool easter egg for things to come.

Rocksteady has announced that Batman: Arkham Knight is the last game they will develop in the franchise. Does this easter egg mean they will go on to develop a Superman game in the future? It will be awesome if they manage to make a good Superman video game. Historically, Superman games have all been very terrible. Rocksteady has the skills to make a decent Superman game as the Arkham games have all been excellent.

Another screenshot shows the LexCorp building in the bottom corner of the screen: