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Half Life 3 Development Team Revealed

by William Schwartz


The development team behind Half Life 3 has been revealed in a recent leak to hit the internet.

Valve’s internal project management system has been exposed to the public, solidifying recent news that the long awaited Half Life 3 is on the way.

According to CVG, the leak reveals that the Half Life 3 development team consists of 50 individuals, with 10 of those being core members.

Core members of the team include Valve veterans Jeff Lane and Jim Hughes, as well as ex-modder and current Valve employee Adam Foster. Further members of the core team consist of Kelly Bailey (sound designer/musician/game designer), David Speyrer (supervisor of HL 1 and 2), Jean Rochefort (involved with Doom 3), Karl Whinnie (involved with Left 4 Dead), Sergiy Migdalskiy (specialist in game optimisation for consoles/involved with Portal 2), Ken Banks (Gearbox Software/Borderlands) and Michael Coupland (involved with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

The 40 other individuals are made up of experienced Valve employees who have contributed to past games in the company’s library.

This leak comes just after news that Valve had trademarked the name, Half-Life 3.

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