Life is Strange 2 Coming to Mac and Linux

The ports are expected to release some time next year.

by Dylan Siegler
Life is Strange 2 Mac and Linux ports

Life is Strange 2 premiered last week, with the first episode getting the new season off to a great start. The game is currently available for most major consoles, but it will eventually be coming to others as well.

It was announced today (October 1) in a press release that Life is Strange 2 is currently in the process of being ported to Mac and Linux computers and that these ports are expected to become available some time in 2019. These ports will be handled by Feral Interactive, a company that has made Mac and Linux ports of several other popular games, including the recently released ports of Life is Strange: Before the Storm that came out last month and the Mac and Linux ports of the original Life is Strange.

In Life is Strange 2, the series moves away from Max and Chloe and instead revolves around the Diaz brothers, Sean and Daniel. When an unexpected tragedy occurs, Sean and Daniel must run from their home, living nomadically until they can find a new place to live safely. One of the central points of the new season is the relationship between the two brothers, with an emphasis put on what the younger brother, Daniel, learns from the words and actions of the playable character, Sean.

The first episode of Life is Strange 2 is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.