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Limited Run Games Hopes To Have First Nintendo Switch Release This Summer

by Dean James


Physical game releases were the only option back in the day, but that has changed as digital has grown in the industry. While the big releases get simultaneous releases on both, the majority of indie games are digital only due to the costs of production. That is why Limited Run Games was founded two years ago and it looks like their first release for Nintendo Switch may be coming this summer.

Limited Run Games was founded in 2015 as a distributor of video games that were digital only otherwise. With a lot of collectors out there, this has been very successful thus far, with lots of different games being released this way. This are typically more than just a disc release, but also feature really cool packaging and sometimes other goodies, which make them very sought after items that sell out pretty quickly.

A few of the bigger Limited Run Games releases have been the Shantae games and an Oddworld game, though that is only but a few of the entire library. The only problem has been that this has been exclusive to PlayStation platforms thus far, with the releases coming for PS4 and PS Vita. However, it sounds like they are finally branching out in the future with a release for the Nintendo Switch.

In an interview with Gaming Trend, Limited Run Games’ co-founder Douglas Bogart was asked about the possibility of games coming out for the Switch, with a pledge tier for the upcoming Battle Princess Madelyn being a Switch release, in which he responded by saying:

“We are currently working on getting on the Nintendo Switch! It’s looking very positive and we hope to have our first title out this summer, fingers crossed!”

We have no clue if he is referring to a physical Switch release for Battle Princess Madelyn this summer or something else entirely, but I’m sure there are plenty of people that would love to have Limited Run Games’ first release for the Switch regardless.

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