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Update: Lizard Squad Takes Down Xbox Live

| December 1, 2014

Update: Lizard Squad Takes Down Xbox Live News Xbox  Xbox One Xbox Live Down Microsoft

The Lizard Squad are up to their old tricks again as they have managed to take down Xbox Live for the time being.

The official Lizard Squad Twitter page sent out a simple message just saying: “Xbox Live #offline”.

If you visit Twitter right now, many people are moaning that Xbox Live is down right now for them. Gamers can only blame The Lizard Squad for this mess. These guys have been taking servers down since August of this year.

The Lizard Squad have been doing DDOS attacks on gaming servers for several months. Servers for PSN, Destiny and several EA games have been down thanks to this one group.

The Lizard Squad were quiet for a few weeks when Twitter suspended their account. They’ve created a new page and have started annoying gamers once again.

The Lizard Squad taking down Xbox Live was a “Christmas Present” to Microsoft the group said. They threatened this is just preparation for more things to come during the lead up to Christmas.

It will be annoying if PSN and Xbox Live goes down for Christmas during the days people have off from work or school. It looks like these guys don’t care. You better be prepared to play offline video games if these guys are still around…

Update: It appears Xbox Live is starting to come back online for some gamers. Still, The Lizard Squad have said more attacks are coming…

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  • RKO!

    God damn it with this a-holes! Ruining our gaming for no reason!

    • Fuk lizard squad

      For the record, lizard squad did not hack xb live!! They don’t have the minnimals to! They just want the credit for it!

      • reallydude?

        It could very well be lizard squad and it’s not hacking. Anybody with half a brain can Google “DDoS software” and start an attack on a any server they choose.

        • D1G174L 5H1K4KU

          As much as I would like to agree…….. Ddos is just an attack to dos based servers. As such Microsoft has a © on dos boot programming which makes this whole theory of the lizards being both Sony and Xbox “hackers” fairly easily untrue.

          • Rich

            OMG your dumb. Ddos = distributed denial of service. It is not an attack against dos based systems. its an attack against ANY system.

          • Troutmagnet

            DUDE! He’s RIGHT!!! All they had to do is remove that 5-1/4 inch floppy from the drive and the DOS attack would have stopped! Everyone is looking for the hardest answer as usual, and the solution was right in front of them the whole time. DANG!

      • rudero

        According to most media outlets, it is only Sony that gets hacked with ddos attacks. So no record to state. The media will make sure it is not stated nor will Microsoft admit anything happened.

        • FloridaSun72

          MS is the company thats pays for positive reviews and articles so there ya go.

          • ?????

            And Sony is the company that lies through their teeth.

          • FloridaSun72

            How so? No matter what it shows how little faith and trust gamers have for MS and its reflecting in sales.

          • ?????

            Really? Is that the reason why its been selling like crazy all month? Their sales have been rising. Of course, you deny it.

          • FloridaSun72

            Dropping 150$ off the price, giving away free games and begging is why the sales have been good…for one month.

          • ?????

            1. Actually, its a $50 temporary price cut. The original Kinect bundles are still out there being made.
            2. Free games are a holiday promotion. What begging was there? You’re probably jealous PS didn’t have this.
            3. You make it sound like their desperate when it was just a holiday promotion. I remember when Sony was desperate at E3 2013. Slashing the price at the last minute to $400, as well as unbundling the PS Eye, and taking away DRM, etc. THAT was desperate.
            Little fanboy.

          • FloridaSun72

            Be serious, the surge in x1 sales are for the kinectless 349 system that can be had for 329. Thats a 150$ reduction from original price. Why do you think Amazon STILL has day one x1s for sale? I said begging because there has never been a console that went through so many changes all in its first year of release. From transforming the original vision of what the x1 was supposed to be upon release to what it is now is basically begging customers. There has never been a company who did so many 180s and almost monthly deals, price cuts, updates etc. If x1 was selling like ps4 last year there would no way in hell ms does all that stuff.

          • ?????

            Remember the PS3? Remember how much they did to catch up? They basically copied 360 in many ways. At least MS is fixing the problems early. Something that Sony did much too later with the PS3.
            And about those day one bundles…I see about double the amount of PS4s on ebay.

        • Plato Jellicle

          Last night xbox live was ddos for a few hours. Taking it off line.

          • rudero

            Shhhhh. It does not happen to the Microsoft products.
            Remember all those “HACKED” in bold red letters with a picture of a ps4 during the last ddos attacks.
            Not one article like that currently. It’s cute that the media blatantly shows their agenda. Kind of like rubbing the consumers face into it.

          • Plato Jellicle

            Tell me about it PSN gets ddos attack the workd screams how bad PSN is. Yet XBOX LIVE gets ddosed last night and you dont hear a thing. It shows how wide MS has spent its money to keep people quiet and to keep making it look like there the best when they got same issues as everyone else.

          • his friend

            PSN gets hacked alot more, and oh yea it sucks.

          • Plato Jellicle

            Other than yo assuming this. Please provide some proof on how frequently the PSN gets hacked. 99% of hack complaints is people game sharing and it goes bad.

          • Steven Hiller

            Does anyone have actual proof that live went down?

          • @GillilanChris

            I have perfect connection with all service active and I can’t play Defiance, watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, use Internet Explorer, and I couldn’t use bing. This is proof enough. They shut down the multimedia and support page.

          • Steven Hiller

            That’s weird. Polygon has it down for 1 hour sometime last night. Guess I didn’t notice.

          • Tom Sawyer

            I was gaming till around 2am and didnt notice jack s4it

          • Shannon Novosel

            That is because you have no friends.

          • lol

            Coming from this guy.

          • Tom Sawyer

            I was on till around 2am and was jamming on Titanfall and Destiny with NO PROBS. Just saying.

          • Tom Sawyer

            I have proof it didnt, I was on ALL NIGHT gaming!

          • Lallypop

            Not everyone had probs, my brother and I have two Xboxes and mine wasn’t letting me sign in to live but his was perfect.

          • papasmurf

            You but hurt or just in denial?

          • ?????

            Like when I proved you wrong about Netflix?

          • Steven Hiller

            Well Sony entertainment just got hacked and some upcoming movies as well as actors person information were stolen. I know that’s not psn, but Sony as a whole as a recent bad track record when it comes to security. Basically they font ke et p pace with industry standards. Hopefully that’ll begin to change.

          • rudero

            But yet more theft reported from Xbox live. Fanboy lies vs actual reports. Hmmmmm

          • ?????

            And where was this?

          • ?????

            I’m still waiting.

          • Tyrone_83

            As far I could remember they got hacked twice the first time during the outage and this time recently when they had all the passwords listed under a folder name password and the rest of the time it’s just been ddos attacks.

          • Jeremy Davis

            Xbox is trash

          • Tom Sawyer

            DDoS is not a hack. There’s your answer. Use correct terminology, and you’ll get a correct response.

          • jake

            Terrorists ISIS were responsible, not lizard squad

          • Max LAmbert

            lizard squad are the terrorists ISIS lol

          • Hammafoo

            Psn was down for 3 months that’s why, live is back up now. Psn didn’t announc they were hacked till several days later, it didn’t even last 12 hours for live. Know your facts before you get butt hurt over it

          • Plato Jellicle

            Google a ddos and a true hack are 2 different things. You can not compare the two. Ddos is flood of garbage data. Vs a real hack is to steal server information. Please learn the difference of this before you post. Cause your post shows you clearly dont know the difference between the two.

          • Hammafoo

            Does it matter the difference between the two for what my post says? And I know the difference, psn was down for 6 months. Pretty sure this post is in responce to “why isn’t this all over the media like psn was when it was down” so please redirect your stupid elsewhere

          • chaz

            Blah blah blah. Hows the ProActive doing on the adolescent zits?

          • Izaac

            Xbox live hasn’t ever been down for a month. Been playing since the beta of live heavily, the longest it has been was 5 days. Now PSN on the other hand… I got rid of it for a reason.

            Not a fanboy, but a gamer

          • Tom Sawyer

            DDOS is not a hack, period. DDoS is simply flooding a address with traffic. Anyone can download a program and do it. Hacks are more difficult and require actual “skill”. A Hack for example, would be the theft of credentials and passwords, user information, etc. Never happened to Xbox…yet.

          • rudero

            I know. What is your point.

          • Tom Sawyer

            It was never offline. I was on all night. The only issue I had was the voice chat wigged out for about an hour. Everything else was gravy!

          • Plato Jellicle

            For millions it was down. You may have been in server side less hit due to ms having servers in different parts of the US.

        • Y

          Boom bitch they already have said it’s happened and admitted it several times.

          • rudero

            Link to their offical statement

          • Tom Sawyer

            Too bad it didnt affect anyone, other than minor annoyance. A lot different than when Sony was hacked and I had to change my Pin number, get a new credit card, change my passwords, etc. THAT was an actual hack. This was just a ddos, any teenager with his moms computer could do it. Pfft.

          • Plato Jellicle

            For a few million it wasn’t minor. They couldn’t get online at all on live. Google the events of that night and see.

  • Wargreymon559 .

    Obviously a lie cuz xbox live never goes down….well thats what xbots keep yelling at the top of their lungs…..hows that “ALWAYS ONLINE”Xbox feature sounding about right now??

    • Terminator

      A lot of things are said by all parties so don’t act like Xbox fanboys are the only ones who say random stupid shit when PS and Nintendo fanboys are as guilty.

      • OdawgSippNigga228

        Haha is Nintendo even relevant anymore lmfao

        • Ravik Hira

          LOL so thu tho

          (Apart from the new super smash bros, and new pokemon games)

        • Anonymoose

          If you like any part of the Mario franchise, it sure is.

        • Ritsujun


        • hiawa23

          Yes, they are. Wiiu 1st party holiday lineup is 2nd to none, so I am told..

        • FloridaSun72

          Wii U has a better exclusive lineup than both consoles atm.

          • Plato Jellicle

            Yeah more mario

          • ?????

            Silly fanboy.

      • reallydude?

        I think he is actually giving M$ crap for originally announcing that the X1 would require an always online connection to do anything.

        • Terminator

          Now that you mention it this gen runs mostly on online activity on both consoles, some of the tops games like TitanFall, Destiny, COD AW and some other games run or are bought because of multiplayer… Microsoft original policies or at least the one about always online don’t seem to have been a problem if they were implemented now.

          • FloridaSun72

            Lol @ Titanfall being a top game….As for original policies how would you like to never be able to trade games to friends or even be able to buy used ones….yea thats great thinking from the greedy minds at MS

          • Terminator

            Ya cool story not the point. Bye.

          • Tom Sawyer

            There were over 3000 people playing titanfall last night in my region at 2am. Just saying.

          • ?????

            Under new management. Did you even play Titanfall? Nope.

    • Jaybanks

      Doesn’t matter. The children can only stop live for a short while. Amateurs.

    • Rai

      You sound upset. Fanboys gettin to ya? No need to bring em here, yeah? Stop startin shit.

    • Soul

      Actually the entire serve for the 360 is down, only non-xbox related apps and non-online games will work, the One is partially running but many many road blacks with it. These guys were responsible for PSN crashing back in 2011 and 2012

      • Staffiez

        we haven’t had a problem at all so think you;re slightly wrong there

        • keith65

          live near lake Tahoe Nevada 360 is down

      • josh

        false info on lizard squad taking down psn in 2011 and 2012 anonymous took it down.

    • Soul

      And also I’m not a fanboy of either Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony I work for Ubisoft as a Background Texture Analyst and Graphics Technician.

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        You’d think if you were a background texture analyst you’d know that it wasn’t lizard squad that took down psn in 2011…..just sayin

        • Playboi27

          No one is saying they were behind the attack in 2011. The OP was referring to within the last few months when PSN and Destiny was taken down.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Yes he was….

            Look at his original comment not the one I replied to he says “it was these guys responsible for the psn attacks in 2011”

        • Lee David Brinkley

          That’s faulty logic. Given your other posts I’m not surprised.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Care to explain why its faulty logic?

            I’d say someone who works in the gaming industry for one of its biggest developers would be pretty knowledgeable about gaming news and would know lizard squad are a fairly new phenomenon and also that anonymous took out psn in 2011

    • BananaRama

      For the record, the Xbox One can still connect to the internet. Not agreeing with the always online motif or that Xbox One is even a good console, just saying it still works. My 360’s (i have 3) can’t connect to online services right now regardless.

      • NoOneCaresThatI

        I use an anonymous app and asked people which xbox they play both 360 and one aren’t working for the ones on the app I use and most just got theirs and just opened their one today.

        • Joe

          Im online on gta right now. Granted im the only one in my server but im still getting it in. Xbox one is not a bad console honestly. I wouldnt trade is all i can say

        • Avidgamer

          You should tell them to hit the broken lizard squad so they dont ruin Christmas.

          • Connor

            All up they are doing it because xbox and ps consoles are the biggest gaming consoles out right now. But I’m not a person who knows this stuff I only play my xbox 360 to hang out with my friends hopefully they aren’t around at Christmas if I get the xbox one.

    • john smith

      Shut up troll

    • rain

      I been trying to log in. Its true. Idk if they did it but its definitely down for a while

    • Rye

      except that feature never happened

      • Troy

        My 360 is still down. Can’t play anything that relies fully on Xbox live, nor Netflix, Amazon, etc. why?

    • Plato Jellicle

      Well its down right now

      • jeremy


    • Illexemis Illexeoria

      Sounds like your a member of the squad

    • corvusmd

      Dude, stop making up crap…the ONLY people that say XBL NEVER goes down are PS fanboys. Everyone else knows that no network is 100% safe..XBL is just WORLDS better than PSN is all. I’ve been on XBL ALL DAY and haven’t had a single issue…so clearly it’s not affecting everyone, and with things like this…IF there is an issue XBL always fixes it faster.

      • Wargreymon559 .

        Oh hey Corvusmd…long time no see on N4G….Lol PS fanboys you of all people should know its you xbots who kept shouting the same shit over and over that xbox live could never go down

        • corvusmd

          I have never said and I never will say that ANY network is perfect and can’t get hacked/DDoS’d/Need Maintenance that is just utterly retarded. That’s like saying even though a Ferrari is better than a Pinto…doesn’t mean I’ll say that the Ferrari can’t break down. HOWEVER, what I will say is that XBL is by far the better network in every regard. It has less issues (although we hear about every little hiccup like it’s the end of the world, and act like the “friends list” is the same severity as PSN outages), when there is an issue it almost never affects everyone (like in this case), usually if there is an issue it’s fixed before the articles are even written (like in this case), and even from the standpoint of when both networks are working perfectly….XBL is by far the more powerful.

      • NoOneCaresThatI

        Im still down and I can’t even get on xbox webpage after login. I get this.

        • Gamer15234

          It just happened to me? can they steal my info

      • SinZephyr

        XBL fixes it faster? Yeah not believing that, that’s if microsoft “decides” to tell you. Meaning they try and cover up everything bad just to keep their subs lol. At least Sony addresses the issue right away. microsoft has to be revealed from another source for them to admit anything.

        • jeremy

          sony waited 7 days to even tell their subs that they got hacked so stfu

        • Generalkidd

          Sony waited weeks to tell their subscribers that they’ve been hacked and everyone’s personal information including credit cards have been stolen. Then the entire PSN service went down for over a month.

        • corvusmd

          You picked a REALLLLLLLY bad article to try to make that point on….not only did this DDoS not affect very many people, but it was fixed before most articles were posted…so keep believing whatever your tin foil hat tells you.

          • Trolololl

            It was not fixed before most articles were posted, thousands were still affected hours after these articles. My service just now got restored, so quit spouting fanboyish crap.

      • Underworld

        I’ve seen plenty of Xbox fanboys say it never goes down. What are you talking about.

        • Generalkidd

          Statistically, Xbox live rarely does ever go down compared to PSN or Nintendo. Plus, the severity of any problems with Live are minimal compared to the mass identity theft and credit card fraud that resulted from the 2011 hacking of psn. Of course no service is perfect and Xbox live has indeed gone down on multiple occasions.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Credit card fraud? only xbots think there was any credit card fraud. not a single bit of credit card info was stolen. The same cannot be said for live accounts last gen to be fair!

          • Lee David Brinkley

            Seriously? I don’t usually comment on game threads but…Seriously? Do you ever even hear news? It was on several news channels at the time and countless blogs and articles.


            Ya know what you could have, and should have, done before posting such a claim in light of all those who made a statement about card info being stolen? Typed it into Google!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Yes seriously, card information was not stolen full stop.

            I’m not defending Sony as emails and data was lost but all card information was encrypted

          • Lee David Brinkley

            It was actually. Sony downplayed it but it was.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            nope, look it up.

            No evidence of credit card fraud was ever found by sony or financial organisations….go check

          • Lee David Brinkley

            I DID look it up and I found articles that detail how one guy had 1500.00 on his card at a grocery store in Germany, a place he had never been and other examples…YOU need to look it up!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Yeah and he just claimed it was from the hack with no evidence!

            The official result from both Sony AND financial institutions was there was no evidence credit card details were stolen. That is a stone cold fact.

          • Lee David Brinkley

            And the hackers were selling the list of 22 MILLION stolen card numbers online!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            No they were selling a list of emails….

          • Lee David Brinkley

            Are you learning impaired? Read the articles! They outright say thieves are attempting to sell the credit card numbers and ccv codes! SONY said they believe the data was safe because it was encrypted, but two things about that…first, this is the same company that waited a week to even tell you it was hacked and second, ya know what else Sony said was safe from hackers? THEIR NETWORK!

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Lol but the official word from Sony and financial organisations is there was no evidence that card details were stolen!

            You’re using hearsay that some people had card fraud and assumed it was from the hack where as the official word is that there was no evidence at all this is the case. NO EVIDENCE!

          • steve

            You are a fool. You read the articles. MAY HAVE and COULD HAVE are not the same as just HAVE. As for someone trying to sell them. Did you buy them to confirm they were real. I have a few bottles of Snake Oil for sale, will cure anything ( AIDS, Ebola, Cancer) at only $400 a bottle. You have my word its genuine. Just ignore the urine smell, that’s what Snake Oil smells like.

          • Lee David Brinkley

            The fool here is you and hoppy. The BEST don’t could come up with is the THINK the numbers were safe. And even a criminal is smart enough to know you don’t sell other criminals card info for $100,000.00 and not have the numbers. Your journey through life will come to an end. And don’t also said their network was secure. And you trust a company that takes so long to even tell you there was a problem? Yeah…I’M the fool. In case you couldn’t tell, cause you’re obviously not that bright, that was sarcasm.

          • Generalkidd

            This was common knowledge that credit card info was stolen. Sony admitted it and offered credit card fraud protection services to its customers. If you were a PSN member at the time like I was, you would remember receiving all the emails from Sony about that stuff. These aren’t rumors or anything like that, just common knowledge that a quick internet search would easily reveal.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Globally, approximately 12.3 million account holders had credit card information on file on the PlayStation Network system. In the United States, approximately 5.6 million account holders had credit card information on file on the system. These numbers include active and expired credit cards.

            As of today, the major credit card companies have not reported that they have seen any increase in the number of fraudulent credit card transactions as a result of the attack, and they have not reported to
            Heres some of Sony’s official comments including data from financial organisations.

            As I stated ZERO evidence of credit card fraud came from the hack


            us any fraudulent transactions that they believe are a direct result of the intrusions described above.

            On May 5, a letter from Sony Corporation of America CEO and President Sir Howard Stringer emphasized that there had been no evidence of credit card fraud and that a $1 million identity theft insurance policy would be available to PSN and Qriocity users:[30]

            To date, there is no confirmed evidence any credit card or personal information has been misused, and we continue to monitor the situation closely. We are also moving ahead with plans to help protect our customers from identity theft around the world. A program for U.S. PlayStation Network and Qriocity customers that includes a $1 million identity theft insurance policy per user was launched earlier today and announcements for other regions will be coming soon.

        • corvusmd

          Who? Name one…and show me where they said that (and if you find one …obviously they are just stupid…so they should be ignored…yet you KNOW that any network can have issues and you’re trying to push this issue like a legit complaint….so why troll?)

          • Gmanshuckamuck .

            the hack of psn of 2011 nd 2012 had countless credit card numbers compromised

        • lol

          Like we’re gonna listen to a guy who has TLOU for his pic.

          • Underworld

            You’re a bit late.

            And lol, cause liking a game that’s an exclusive means I’m a fanboy? Idiot!

    • Why are you dumb

      It sounds like a-holes with a mindset similar to yours are being destructive for no reason. Obviously the Microsoft claim doesn’t apply if jerks are purposefully sabotaging them.

    • HahaLizardSquadFail

      I’m still on LIVE and have never been kicked off… Lmao so it probably only affected some people haha oh well. Back to my multiplayer ;)

      • Hacker’s Suck ass

        For now, all over tHe United States have been going slowly but surely

    • Shawn

      xbox live didn’t go down friendslist did but thats about it so troll harder …

    • sk8rdewd420yolo69

      what are you trying to say?

    • corvusmd

      So….anyone saying that ANY network can’t go down, is just an idiot and should be ignored as such. YOU apparently are willing to believe that all networks DO go down….yet you’re trying to use some faceless name on a website (if it even exists) to pretend that Xbox fans are stupid and actually think this.

      One of the problems with PS fanboys such as yourself (other than the fact that you have an insane amount of free time to troll Xbox pages) is that 99% of the time, when you try to say that an Xbox fan said something stupid…you’re exaggerating what they DID say, Lying, or quoting another PS Fanboy. I’ve NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER seen a true Xbox fan say that XBL CAN’T go down….the ONLY time I ever see someone say that is like you….a PS fanboy trolling an Xbox page.

      If you have to make up crap so that you can talk trash about the other side…you lost…move on.

    • Dustin

      To be fair, Xbox Live is lauded as being extremely resilient against hackers, and DOS (denial of service) attacks are not the same as hacking. Even the most fortress-like firewall cannot prevent a DOS attack. A DOS attack is the digital equivalent of a sit-in and can be accomplished by any loser in his mom’s basement simply by clicking the refresh button over and over and over and over and over again.

      • Chris Redfield

        yeah?..teach it to me then please

        • Dustin

          Teach what?

          • Chris Redfield

            well if u said that a DOS attack is soo simple like this that even a loser in his mom’s basement can do that so i guess u have plenty of knowledge about that so i wanna learn how to do that then

          • Dustin

            Was the instruction to “click the refresh button over and over and over and over and over again” too complicated to understand or something?

          • Dustin

            Now in the interest of fairness, one guy spamming refresh probably won’t accomplish much on any site. A group like Lizard Squad probably has bots and automated programs to do it for them.

          • Chris Redfield

            so i just go in a website..and keep pressing the refresh button all the time? simple as that?

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            That’s the basic premis, you just use scripted bots to do it over and over and there you go, you have performed a DoS attack.

            it’s not difficult, it’s not clever and most people with a basic knowledge of computers could probably work out how to do it in a day with instructions from the internet.

        • Gmanshuckamuck .


      • Roxinova

        Actually, it’s usually not a refresh, but a ping. Also, it’s usually done by bot nets, not people.

    • trumanfilipo

      24 hours compared to 4 weeks

    • PS sux

      It’s great. I never lost my connection. Obviously not as bad as PS problems.

    • The PC Master Race

      And yet Steam is the only online service with no down time this year. And it’s free

      Console peasants BTFO again :^)

      • GABEN

        Gee, I wonder if that has something to do with Steam not being targeted by a bunch of rollerblading permanent bachelors?

      • RadApples

        Wellllllll Steamworks and all other services were down a week or two ago. I mean it was only down for like 45 minutes, but it was down none-the-less. I was in the middle of a CS:GO match when they went down.

    • “hows that “ALWAYS ONLINE”Xbox feature sounding about right now” – Since that was removed from the console before it’s launch and is therefore not a feature, I have to wonder if you are engaged in reality or just fanboy BS…


      pretty good considering my xbox live didn’t go down…

      • deafbones


  • VeeJay

    Just goes to show that these losers have no life and way too much time on their hands to attack gaming servers….they will never have a girlfriend or a life

    • Ron Kania III


    • Tajaun77

      Realist Shit I’ve Heard All Fucking Day

    • Patrick Carbone

      that’s what they say about gamers

    • Christopher Pace

      My xbox live works on the one….. It says friends list unavailable

    • Jake Waclawski

      Maybe they are trying to make people go outside? Maybe get a girlfriend. I know, the controls are weird, but the achievements are so worth it.

  • JayBanks

    Looks like they have no lives. Lol it’ll be back up soon lol just children playing children games. It’s nothing serious.

    • Oh the irony

      VeeJay, think about what you just said for a second.

      “They have no lives, they are just children playing children games.”

      Meanwhile, their activity is only preventing, literally, children from playing children games on xbox live.

      • Cnote

        your probly one of them

      • Ron Kania III

        Only children play video games now?

        • Crusader06

          Could be but some of us use the console to connect to Netflix, Youtube and other means to watch movies and the like. It isn’t just gamers they are screwing with.

          • @lizardsquadisavirgin

            Right wtf this favor cut me off Xbox so no Netflix for me.. like this lizard squad is stupid id beat his fucking face in with a bat hack that u fuck

          • Generalkidd

            Hmm that’s interesting. While friends list and party chat is down on Xbox one, all other online services like Netflix or youtube work fine. I’m guessing the Xbox one keeps apps separate from the Xbox live service unlike the 360.

          • VilentVooDoo420

            Cut their damn hands off. Have fun trying to work a computer after that.

          • zanevorhis

            guess people should have bought a roku or amazon fire or apple tv or…

      • jd

        Im a grown ass man with a grown ass job. I play bf4 on my down time at night cause tv these days sucks!

      • humboldt county

        My children don’t play games… We are trying to watch a movie so you think for a second… Yes there’s other ways to watch it’s just easier on my x box

  • Anthony Madlockz Srader

    Kill your self lizard squad

  • Daeogra

    that arrogant ass message tho

    • Daeogra

      Christmas and such

  • Dmv soldier

    No wonder l cant log in to Xbox live

  • Tookie

    Are these leaders of this billion dollar company really letting kids out smart them?

    • Engsec

      Its not out smarting them. These idiots don’t need anything other than a computer and a program someone else built that they just put in the server address and click a button. There is no skill in these attacks (not hacks) and they are very difficult to defend against for services that experience large amounts of traffic.

      • DJArt81

        Yup…. that is what we call #scriptkiddies

        • Engsec


        • GABEN

          My thoughts exactly.

    • Nicolas Massicotte

      there just overloading the server your grandma could do it with her 10 years old pc.

    • Adam Pruitt

      It has nothing to do with these companies letting kids outsmart them. These kids use a program that exploits the way the internet and servers work plain and simple. It’s called a DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attack.

  • gold_xero


  • Alpha Woolph

    I got an Idea, can we get someone who knows the “Anonymous” clan, and get them to hack them and find them? They where able to do that with the leaders of the KKK. (They are pro hackers)

    • Daeogra

      you could probably find one but you’d just be making someone an accessory

      • Ben Kicks Lizard squads arse

        I could make him give up his whole gang!! 5 minutes alone with the fricking pu$$y

    • LizardScrotumAreAmateurs

      Not your personal army.

    • Gmanshuckamuck .

      pfff please most anons are lauging their arses off righ.t now

      • Mortalmoss

        I doubt it. DDoS attacks are completely amateurish and take no skill to pull off. Totally opposite of actual hacking attacks, therefore, real hackers tend to look down on DDoSers. Not to say they don’t enjoy seeing a corporation’s resources disrupted, even though the only people it truly hurts are the people like us who use and enjoy the service.

        • Gmanshuckamuck .

          oh i know that, but in terms of them stepping in and saying or doing anything, they will not. Lizard squad is not anonymous. WHat they do is only for teh lulz and yes generally real hacker s will and do look down upon these script kiddies often calling them ‘skiddies’

      • GABEN

        Most anons think this is gay as fuck.

        Not for the normal reasons, though. DDoS attacks are not complicated at all.

    • NoOneCaresThatI

      There is an article saying FBI caught their leader and holding him to interrogate him.

      • darkmaster


    • Duke

      Anonymous don’t care about what Lizard Squad do. They have bigger fish to fry. But there was a person/group called Activist Revolution who continually hacked and harassed Lizard Squad for a while, because they pissed him off.

  • mattinacan

    I am down, was watching Hell’s Kitchen those a-holes.

    • jeremy

      Why in the hell would they do this to us we just play Xbox for fun lizardsquad an ass

  • Chris Redfield

    i wonder why they don’t try to shut down the US government..i wonder if they have the balls to do it

    • Steven

      Because they don’t need to shut it down. Just sick back and watch it slowly screech to a grinding halt.

      • RKO!

        Last I heard there was going to be a talk about Government Shutdown this holiday or that politics was going to try for that not to happen

  • ThePensAreMightier

    They need to send these script kiddies to jail. No one is impressed. Do something meaningful with your life.

  • Starsied

    Maybe Anon can do something about these children.

    • Chris Redfield

      who’s Anon?

      • An fagit


        • Guest

          Anonymous =/= Anon. The difference is that Anonymous is a hacking group, while the ‘Anon’s of 4chan are a bunch of 12 and 13 year-olds who are trying to convince everyone, (including themselves), that they are ‘hardcore’.

    • LizardScrotumAreAmateurs

      We are legion. We are not your personal army.

  • AnonymousXPG

    Message from Anonymous to XPG was just posted.
    You guys have Made a problem you wont be able to solve we are -Anonymous We are a Legion we Do not forgive We do not forget Expect us.<—- pointed towards lizard squad. Expect them for you will go down

  • Phaaa_Q

    how long yall think this shit is going to last? i just bought hella games off the sale…

  • Daeogra

    could be a cool minute man no real telling since Xbox Live hasn’t made any announcements for progress

  • AnonymousXPG

    Lol i hate people who think DDoSing is a game its real stuff millions of dollars go down the drain when you do this

    • Sony Sux

      We could use this to make PSN down, make them spend millions, and make their only good division go down if we do it constantly.

  • Rai

    They could be putting these skills to good use, protecting people and making big money…. But instead they’re just waving their D!cks around. Pointless…

    • Chris Redfield

      so true man

    • LizardScrotumAreAmateurs

      LOIC is not a skill, its a scriptkiddie playtoy.

  • gamegirl

    Somebody hit these kids back please, some people can’t afford cable

    • rms

      These punks are douche-bags. The thing is, is within the Internet community, real hackers are respected and admired. There’s nothing respectable or admirable about these fools. What they do (and they will eventually get caught because they’re obviously pretty stupid) has no goal and no meaning. They’ve probably never heard of the Crunchman or Dark Dante.
      They aren’t standing up for what’s right. They aren’t fighting for or against anything. They aren’t exposing anyone. They aren’t politically protesting. They’re just being turds. Why? Because it’s the only thing they’re good at.

      • Steven

        This is why I always flush.

      • Generalkidd

        I disagree, “real hackers” are only looked up to and admired by fringe groups on the internet, similar to how Linux fans are a fringe group on the internet. Most people on the internet do not care about internet politics and just want to use whatever service they had intended to use.

  • Anonymous

    Damion seeto whats your comments on this

  • Thatoneguy

    … Really… people have nothing better to do but waste time and resources trying to be “L33t”… sounds like a bunch of children using their knowledge to get attention from their abusive alcoholic father. Hey “Lizard Squad” Do daddy a favor and get me another beer >:D

  • Walter Poe

    I approve. Of the lulz.

  • Zman259

    I finally have a night off where I can stay up without going to work rally early and my satelite internet is bearable enough for GTA and my best friend two states away is off too… And these fucking ass wipes do this shit… My fuckin luck…

    • Captianplanet26

      Today is the year anniversary of my crew, 200 + member crew on gta and I thought I got ddos on myself to mess up my day, wow I was tripping. Seems like the joke is on Microsoft.. Whew!! But it still sucks I can’t be out there taking over Los santos! #DeathrowOrWalk

  • Osvaldo

    They are just people that has nothing to do in life so they sit in front of their computer 24/7 thinking about who to attack next.

    • Chris Redfield

      even for that requires skills..if i had the skills to do that i would hack corrupt politician, mob motherfuckers etc..but wtf the gaming community did wrong for they to do this shit? ¬_¬

  • Daeogra

    I just want Microsoft to give us a headsup on their progress for fixing this bullshiiieeet

    • Adam Pruitt

      There’s nothing to fix as there is nothing wrong with the servers other than they are overwhelmed with ping requests by this attack. As soon as they get bored with it the flood will stop and the servers will be responding as normal. There isn’t anything Microsoft can do except call the authorities and start tracing ip addresses. However there’s bound to be millions of ip addresses involved and the real perpetrators are behind multiple proxy servers hiding their real location. Finding these guys is like finding a particular needle in a stack of identical needles…

  • Joe

    Bunch of fuckin neck beards prob

  • PickUp_Artist

    So Microsoft is just going to let them punk everyone?

  • Emdbrown451992

    Assholes. Go annoy someone else. You’re idiots for messing with Xbox and Microsoft.

  • FailEpicThe

    why are they attacking gamers when they should be attacking the government… either way their still are going to get in a huge amount of trouble if caught so they should just attack the government and not the people…. their just some Gaming Service Nazi’s…

  • Roman

    I haven’t even been able to enjoy the awesome exotic weapon update on destiny! (1.1)

  • James

    I was about to do my first vault of glass raid

    • Roman

      That sucks :(

      • jeremy

        Man this suck no Netflix no games no fun. Its like wtf does anybody know that in saying or understand

    • ryan


  • Tielle McGuire

    I just wanna watch my Damn Netflix!!

  • xXSo1ar ScopeXx

    This is complete bullshit i just wanted to play a couple of games with friends for an hour now i cant do shit fuck these fat fucks that spend there time doing nothing

  • Hackerssuckdickk

    I would love to meet this entire group in real life. I would gladly murder them all and go to jail for it.

    • Roman


  • Danny

    my live is down

  • Walter A Lutz II

    I believe in hunting them down and putting a round in the back of their heads…..

  • Dezigns

    I want to join Lizard Squad. Where do I sign up?

    • Really?


  • disqus_IF7XdlouD3

    Fuk Lizard Squad! Hope they get caught and beaten!

  • pro-gamer77

    who do you they think they are my parents work hard to pay for my x-box live ‘I will find you and I will kill you’

  • PickUp_Artist

    Should I regret buying an Xbox instead of a Play Station?

    • StopGongoozle

      I don’t think there is really a way to avoid this….

      • PickUp_Artist

        You’re probably right :(

        • DJArt81

          This is the same group that hacked PSN a few years back, so it was only a matter of time before they got to XBL

    • Gmanshuckamuck .

      not at all both have been subject to ddos attackes


    Don’t wory guys, XBL Servers are back up, for the time being!

  • mike

    Probably some snot nosed children who got banned from xbox live and psn for “hacking” or “exploiting” and are butt hurt trying to get back at them, they dont know what butt hurt is yet, wait till they are in prison, thats when they will really find out.

  • PickUp_Artist

    Never mind I take it back…

  • Mr. Smack a Ho

    Seriously, shouldnt people with this type of knowledge and skill be doing something more meaningful than taking down game servers? These dudes need to get a life.

  • Gmanshuckamuck .

    not everyone is a fning kid playing cod online. Some people just want to enjoy what little time they get on other services such as netflix and hulu youtube etc. Not eveyyone are kids who don’t go outside or whatever other steroytpes you scumstains thrrow around. Some people work their arses off to buy a x#hundred dollar system they wish to use.

    • jeremy

      Netflix is bad and I love netflix and this is what I get all of u guys to

  • Daeogra

    Phogoth half dead in nightfall then BAMM

  • The Donkey

    Fuck the lizard bitches.

  • GeneralWifey22

    Only a matter of Time before they get caught and when they do they goin to the big house but by all means have fun guys they’re probably doing this childish bull Shit because they got there asses handed to them online!

  • Mr. Smack a Ho

    Still down for me

  • MountainManAIA

    Really….Really – why dont these guys go after something useful like corrupt banks or Justin Beiber!!!

  • Cnote

    Well considering its a basic terrist act the idiots need to be prosecuted to the fullist extent of the law NOTE!!!!! HACKING IS A TERRIST ACT WARNING!!!!!!! the price to pay is not worth the pleasure of play

  • dyu

    check twitter everything is going crazy

  • XenoScience

    You know, I was kinda bummed it was down.
    But now knowing it was Lizardsquad, It’s pretty funny.

  • Billy Schwartz

    You know for what though? To say you did? Crazy. Use the energy to do something constructive.

  • BlitzKing

    Damn Lizard Squad

  • Dennis Crosby

    Yea I must not have been affected just got off Xbox live and got back on after seeing this article and I’m still able to connect

    • Captianplanet26

      I think old style x boxes are not affected. Mine is down and my roommates isn’t!

  • Silas2349

    Damn you Lizard Squad >0<

  • Crusader06

    Those guys just need a good old fashion country ass whipping to adjust their attitude.

  • Calum Penny

    Perfect timing Lizard Squad, my membership ran out yesterday… Guess i’ll just wait this one out and save a few coins.

  • murdock

    Apparently Xbox doesn’t want to admit that stuff is down? That’s fucking cowardly! Own the fact that you got hacked instead of trying to hide behind the lies that it never goes down..

  • Boomstick

    If anyone knows any of these people, post their addresses online and ddos attack them and see how they like it!

  • bups0725

    Hey Lizard Squad what you are doing is wrong. Karma is a BITCH

  • Hammafoo

    Psn was down for months, let’s see how long live is down for.

    • K to The Brown

      Maybe a a day or a week, if you think about it Microsoft got the money to get better hackers to get live back, they don’t want to lose their costumers. Sony they just to cocky.

      • Hammafoo

        Ya, pretty sure live is running fine now. Lol I’ll keep my Xbox and glad I got rid of my ps, had horrid connection issues even with great internet. Maybe cuz I pay 60 for live and nothing for psn? Lol

  • Wizard of Peace

    Whats with these people! Stop ruining our gaming!

    • ?????

      Unfortunately they have nothing better to do in their sad, pathetic lives.

  • xXSo1ar ScopeXx

    God i cant wait till i get a job somewhere im a crytoanalyst i am the kinds of person who redirrects these hacks and groups like this to prevent these types of things from happening i only have 2 years til a job for it i hope to go to microsoft so this does t happen to u guys

    • Buttfor

      You watch too much CSI

  • sigh…kids and their l33tn355 …hahahhahaha. DDOS…

    Likely this is a smurf attack…SYN flood. What is funny about it is that these types of ICMP Flood Attacks, Phlashing, DDOS and Teardrop attacks are traceable.

    In any event if it is a DDoS attack; then it likely a bait and switch DDoS; pull attention one direction while breaching in another area as to avoid interruption while doing nefarious things.

    I’m sure MSFT/ISP just either cleaned their pipes, did a sinkhole or very likely a backscatter…which is a way of reflecting/redirecting and target analysis to determine DDoS;

    • jeremy



    these guys are prolly ps4 players…

  • Fohlen

    Kind of bullshit, because I’ve been playing on Xbox Live for hours now, even when this was posted.. So..

  • Billy Schwartz

    I don’t feel safe with my credit cards connected to this stuff either!

  • Roman

    Please, Please Lizard squad! Not during Crota’s End!

  • sackman74

    They could actually be doing something good with these abilities like taking down Isis or getting Intel from other governments. But no they are just gonna take over xbl. Fuck those no life faggots

  • Julie Hicks

    “We can only take 360 down because we haven’t mapped out xbox one yet.” Maybe Microsoft programmers wanting everyone to upgrade to the next system for “Security?”

    • Cnote

      u got a point there shut down the network till they move on… think about it psn was down for months im sure they lost somthing during that time if it be people or money

  • Doug1916

    can some one tell me why did they do this, because I’m trying to think on why but I got nothing

  • PickUp_Artist

    I can’t even go to >:(

    • Captianplanet26

      I called and 1800 4 MY XBOX was down!!! Hahaha not just DDOS

  • patrick

    why won’t the blue ray player work on xbox1 either? freaking lame man

  • lnoprokillah
  • oglow

    umm hay guys xbox live is down for everyone in the world so not a lie

  • patrick

    nevermind, finally working

  • lnoprokillah

    lizard squad didnt ddos xbox – @lnoprokillah :

  • Joker

    Lizard squad deserves nothing less than to have their balls ripped off and then burned.

  • Tre

    Buying a pc

  • Hammafoo

    People are asking why did they hack it, because they can, and i belive it stated why in the above section… But im sure most of you didn’t want to fire your eye muscles and read a few paragraphs. Don’t want to burn too many calories lol

  • patrick

    nope, not working….lizard squad bs man

  • lnoprokillah

    lizard squad didnt ddos xboxx – @lnoprokillah :

  • htrkelas

    just finished exams and ready to play xbox again without playing for 2 monts…nope.

  • Faith

    I say they are fucking fat ass little kids that have no life n sit around eating twinkies all day…looking for someone to mess with because they have no fucking life…well i hope someone on crack snipes there asses when they wall out the building

  • markie20


    • markie

      Oops…meant REALLY PEOPLE

  • Mowiesquid

    I’m releved I thought I had to break my Xbox becase it didn’t want to work

  • losersquad

    Im sure thousands of people want to get their hands on these guys, by hands I mean fists. Every hacker thinks this shits funny until it happens to them

  • patrick

    i can’t even watch a damn movie on my xbox1 right now. wtf….why does this effect hardware crap?…seriously just wondering, I’m not a bug tech guy

  • markie20

    Has anybody’s live come back on yet????

  • patrick

    big* not bug

  • Guest

    cowards. all of them

    • Unreal

      Microsoft better step in

      • Jonny

        Everyone is waiting!!!!

  • James

    Fucking eh, when snow comes out for Gta5, we won’t be able to play..

  • markie20

    Hope they let us know when it’s back up

  • Travis Laningham

    all servers go down.. :) they have to

  • dontneedtoknow

    I just want to fucking watch Nextflix!!!

  • patrick


  • RKO!

    What exactly is down of Xbox Live? I am asking because I was able to log in to my account and play Destiny online, now what I did see was that my friend list was down.
    Note: This is on Xbox One

    • ?????

      I was playing Zombies on Black Ops II with my friends and just had lagging issues.

  • Timmy

    Why man been of Xbox like a week come on within 3 hrs booted


    Anonymous needs to show these kids who is boss. The are giving hackers a terrible name. Anyone can DDOS. I wish i knew more about computers. The sad part is, they are kids, and they will get caught and go to federal prison. Let them have their fun because the FBI is involved and after their claimed bomb threat, they will be going away for 10 plus

    • While anonymous in many cases targets big business; I at present knowledge of them wouldn’t condone their behavior either. They are middle ground players….Here is the idea: White Hat Hackers; hack to help and make things better. Black hat hackers (and script kiddies) do it for the fun of seeing if they can, or for personal/monetary gains. Anonymous, in many cases sits squarely between white and black.

  • Faith

    That was my comment about the Fat lil boys ^.^ follow me

  • PickUp_Artist

    You guys better get comfortable because they are probably going to do something extreme. This ain’t no chubby kid in his mom’s basement, these guys are probably in some other country with full access to everything in the U.S.

  • Chris Redfield

    please..Aiden these fuckers what a true hacker needs to do…WATCH_DOGS

  • Just want a film f#*ckers

    You guys suck. I can barely pay for my service, and I can’t watch a movie while I’m home from work. Go suck one you fanatical non-caring F*×@k’s. Love, the guy who’s gonna bash your head in.

  • Samantha

    Why is nothing being done about this? If it has been going on since August, why hasn’t microsoft installed stronger firewalls and security? This is bs because I just bought a 12 month xbox live gold membership, did I waste my money? Is Microsoft going to make up for this?

  • Shadow3469

    Lmao gonna laugh when their shit is traced back to them and they’re arrested.

  • Matt

    how far did you get with your 360’s? mine wont even connect to the internet. Shouldnt it at least do that?

  • vl Catalyst lv

    So Xbox Live is down, guess I’ll bust out my Mike Judge collection for Beavis & Butthead. GL HF DD LizardPatrol.

  • fucklizardsquad

    lizard squad#stale.. u lizard bitches go and jack off or something. got nothing else better to do ahh?

  • corvusmd

    Uh….XBL isn’t down..I’ve actually been playing on it all day. IF they did anything it was to a small portion of XBL.

    • PickUp_Artist

      You are either lying or are one of the lucky bastards.

      • corvusmd

        It actually seems like the majority of people with XBL don’t even realize there is an issue or was one….so clearly it’s only a small percentage of people affected.

        • Prophet37

          Gee… That makes the small percentage of us that are getting dicked feel so much better.

          • corvusmd

            I feel bad for you guys, I’m not trying to rub it in or anything…whenever they find lizard squad they should let everyone they affected line up and beat the crap out of them spoiled brats with no lives.

      • Revolver Ocelot

        It’s corvusmd. He’s lying.

        • The PC Master Race

          Ah yes. The king of lies tells everyone else who’s lying.

          Shouldn’t you be shilling Sickdark Souls 15FPS edition and begging people to go to the PS Experience (As Sony are now giving away tickets they can’t sell). Or is Sony Russia not feeding you the right info, kebab?

          By the way. Why has Steam and Nintendo Network had more uptime than both paid services and are completely free of charge? Answer me that, shill.


        • ?????

          Like you?

          • Revolver Ocelot

            Cry harder, Anonygimp.

  • i_7RY_TO_HARD

    I swear to god. If i get there ip i will fu*k there s*it up. I dont understand the point of this! We pay money for gaming, not to be unable to play. Dammn #GETALIFE!

  • AikAe

    From what I hear… Lizard squad does this to teach the big corporations a lesson. That they need to invest more into their customers and put less into their pockets.

    If that’s the case… GOOD JOB LiZARd SqUad!! I support you 100%!

  • lnoprokillah

    lizard squad did not hit xbox – it was vm and lno – :

  • COD Prodigy

    It’s their issue when they get caught. You can spend some good time in jail for DDOS attacks…

  • Mad_Potato

    My live ends this month ;-; and i need ti update and download all this stuff

  • Staffiez

    No problems here! All connected and running fine


    Xbox live is up lol I’ve been playing CoD all day only thing they managed to mess up was friends list lol

  • panzerfaust883

    Damn all I wanted to do was play a little gears of war.. :-/

  • Mangos

    This irritates the hell out of me. I just came home from work(as did my boyfriend) and was just about to play destiny and as our game loads xbl disconnects. I really hope these hackers get caught. This is unfair to those who want to relax and play.

  • RKO!
    Just saw someone post this and well… what do you think (think is as if Adam from inside gaming said it)

    • NoOneCaresThatI

      I can’t get to it their site isn’t working for me.

  • corvusmd

    I know this article needs fanboy clicks, but it should change the name of the article. XBL hasn’t been taken down at all….it’s up…at least for most users….so it should be “Lizard Squad attempts and attack and gets bitch-slapped by XBL”

  • Hammafoo

    They hacked psn a while back too so im pretty sure they are just ddos for the fun of it and to say hey look what we did and got away with.

  • OG Mystik

    This sucks guys, there is no benefit from them doing this so why? WHY? ._. This is gonna cost the companies thousands of dollars to get it back up. I left my Terraria save on my Cloud. Now I can even play my only offline game. Watch them hit Steam next or something.

    • NoOneCaresThatI

      All they want is a stupid laugh.

  • Lil Miss Riot

    This is bullshit, we pay for xbox live just so it can be somehow taken over by some little group of bitches who have the lamest fucking name for a squad to begin with. Fucking pathetic.

  • blueblue99

    it was not lizard squad who ddosed xbox it was vm + lno – proof :

  • John doe

    Go lizard squad u da man “YOU MAD BRO”…goes out to all of you gamers and geek squad you guys ain’t $h! T…punk ass…

    • Lizard squad general

      -.- your all fucking idiots u really believe lizard squad is real lmao what a bunch of a mature faggots we got talking all this shit but yet meet either one of use y’all would be scared shitless and don’t try to lie ah and dont worries we got surprises for every one that talked shit today in this chat have a happy Christmas sons of bitches

      • Lizard squad general

        Wat a bunch of fucking try hard tough ass bitches

  • d

    This is honestly sad im not gonna be like fuck fuck fuck i just want to say this is what keeps some off the streets video games are a past time more people need to go outside read a book ive been gaming 27 years im 31 its a hobby i work 9 to 5 its cruel but people dont attack this guy he wants attention and your feeding right into it whats the saying dont feed the trolls and they will starve it will end he got his 15 minutes of fame

  • Sara

    Guess xbox will be crediting LOTS of accounts for the days they cannot use live.

  • ii Anti Christ

    Straight up? Sorry for the vulgar language. These guys are fucking cunts. Thanks for the Christmas present you fucking turd mongler dick farming shit eating pile of Bantha poo-doo. Fuck these guys. What gives them the rights? The lolz? Fuck that, these guys play on XBL and PSN too, so why’re they doing these to themselves?

  • guest

    please don’t post the groups name… It sensationalizes them and it gives them the incentive of recognition…

    headline should read “hacker group brought down xbox live”. Your article should’nt mention their name either, you guys could have said “the group posted THIS message on their twitter page”…

    I’m sure aotfb received alot of hits but c’mon be smarter and more responsible than this….

  • RKO!

    You know what was just Lizard Squad(JK)? This comment section because so many people are commenting at the same time its really slow and comments are not loading up. (well at least for me)

  • blueblue99

    it was not lizard squad who dd0sed xbox it was vm + lno – proof :

  • Borris Nakolsolik

    What an ASSWHOLE

  • John doe

    One word “LIESSSSSSS….”HOOKA….

  • Slim Daly

    I rang up Microsoft support and they said it was maintenance I smell a lie

    • Matt

      Technically they are trying to get it back online so it does fall under maintenance… not like they’d say “oh we were hacked”.

    • Daniel Hill


  • swag boy

    I know it is the same for xbox one dont worry every buddy microsoft will fix it and we will play normal

  • Иосиф Сталин

    Not nice. These people have too much time on hands

  • John doe

    All you gamers have no lives go get one from an ice cream grab bag bitchessssss

  • Cant Read

    Lol XBLUE is down… what are we supposed to do? Read a book?

  • Matt

    I come home after a 9 hour shift at work and just want to play a game and these losers have to mess it up. Thanks Lizard Squad… your deeds are so benefiting.

    If there was anyone that needed to be swatted it’s these mofo’s.

  • John doe

    Lizard squad you go …;))))

  • flashmaster23

    I hope these fuckers fall in a 100ft hole and land on their necks and that their bodies will rot in the hole.

    • Matt

      I hope they land right smack in the middle of the ghetto in Furgeson.

    • Daniel Hill

      little unnecessary

      • flashmaster23

        Sorry, I was in a bad mood when I posted this. After a long day at work and I come home to this. Bullshit.

  • that guy

    tisk tisk tisk noobs

  • Guest


  • Luna

    Microsoft! Do something

    • Matt

      If they are being DDOS’d it’ll take a while for them to clear out the offending traffic.

  • John doe

    Hahahahaha….. go lizard squad u da man…

  • PickUp_Artist

    It let me online <3

  • Logan Waltz

    Get the FBI on it, catch them and microsoft can sue them into poverty. Then they can do 3-5 in the state pen.

    • PickUp_Artist

      On it!

    • PickUp_Artist


  • Gamer_5000

    It just went down…. crap

    • Lizard squad general

      Lol your all fucking dumb

      • LizardScrotumAreAmateurs

        I can spell “you’re”. How stupid are you?

  • outstandin402

    They should spend more time on their Photoshop skills…Cuz that lizard pic on twitter is garbage!!! Lmfao

  • John doe


  • LizardScrotumAreAmateurs

    HEY!1! Just fired up the Evil Within offline and it got me logged in to XBL!

    I’m west coast…check it out!!!!!

  • PickUp_Artist

    It’s a ghost town…

  • Trebled

    They just buffed bad juju in destiny finally…

  • Daniel Hill

    well they have one huge cock up there assholes

  • panzerfaust883

    It’s back!!!

  • John doe

    LIESSSSSSS…. back yo neck foo

  • Lizard squad general

    Omg what a bunch of fucking cry babys u guys are can’t live a fucking hour with out Xbox lmao

    • LizardScrotumAreAmateurs

      Spend some time with a remedial English tutor amd less time trolling forums, son.

    • NOCTI

      I haven’t been on in months so you can go fuck yourself.

  • Purist

    Lol , kings of DDOS… with little knowledge of these scripts everyone on this comments section is able to make an DDOS attack on a server. Funny thing they call themselves hackers. LOL

    • Steven

      Congratulations you managed to cause me to appropriate my time elsewhere for …not even a whole hour…i almost didn’t have enough time to pick my nose.

      • Purist

        It’s mostly connecting too many users(bots) to the server which leads it to unrespond. The Internet Chat Relay servers were the best practicing grounds for the script users from a decade to half a decade ago. The term we are looking for is “crackers” who were able to pull out movies from the Sony Entertainment Network. Well that is, something!!!
        While we may complain to a certain individual, this attack could be from anyone.

  • NonoZone

    Send the all to jail so they can all find out what its like to have someone insert a “worm” into their private server. Then sue their families into poverty.

  • implicit

    Do they have something better to do in life?

  • John doe

    No shit …. bunch of bitchessssss right!!!

  • Daniel Hill

    it sucks cuz were the ones paying for the game not them

  • a gamer

    do not follow or believe what they say on this account this is not the official Xbox support account @Xbox____Support

  • anthony

    i just went down #sosad when will this be back up?

  • John doe

    Don’t cry i have a joy stick for you to play with…lmaoooo

  • Red

    We ‘re working on it.

  • James Anthony

    When was this? I have been online since I got home from work. And Iam using my Xbox one to write this right now. Really bad browser Microsoft no update yet?

    • Matt

      It’s IE…

      • James Anthony

        Yeah so bad lol they should get rid of it. Lol

  • Daniel Hill

    is it really back?

    • LizardScrotumAreAmateurs


  • BlueJayDsssssKk(

    I bet they are too scares to attack the government

  • Ernesto86

    Great job, tough guys. My six year old daughter can’t watch Pooh Bear because of this faggotry. Suck cocks in hell.

  • Lizard squad general

    Lmao every one thats posting right now are all fucking tryhards who talk shit but won’t do shit

  • John doe

    Cry babies. …..

  • LeonWasHere

    Xbox is back up for a couple of mins quickly remove your credit card information

  • jokoq

    it was not lizard squad who ddsed xbox it was vm + lno – pr00f :

  • flashmaster23

    Its back on for me. Its a ghost town on Black ops 2. 800 people online.

  • blah

    its back on line now, just let me sign in

  • Earth

    Iife exists c:

  • outstandin402

    Thank you xbl for getting the problem caused by these amutures resolved so quickly!

  • blah

    yeah im logged in now. I promise

  • Daniel Hill

    does it work for battlefield 4? anyone know

  • John doe

    Hi lizard squad sup mang

  • I love You

    There is a reason for everything.

    We pay for promised services, which are unstable.

    We pay for promised games, which are broken.

    It wouldn’t hurt to pay them back. Lizard Squad is doing the right thing.

  • Lizard squad general

    Your all really think that where done lmao fucking armatures

    • UDICK

      learn to spell you fucking RETARD

    • LizardScrotumAreAmateurs

      With you clearly being functionally retarded at best it’s obviously you’re not the one with the skillset to click “go” on the LIOC tool.

      You must be the slow kid who drew that shitty logo and offered up your lunch money to “be part of the 5c3n3”

      • Lizard squad general

        Lmao we will see hope u have fun offline during Christmas faggots lmao

    • prophet37

      One would think a “master hacker” such as yourself …. would be able to spell.

  • Red

    We put it back. Enjoy.


    • Prophet37

      Here’s something you probably don’t get to hear to often…. Thank you.

  • Earth

    Thank jesus because he plays a big part in all solutions


    build a gaming pc and you wont have to deal with this shit

  • John doe

    Retard. ..going down again go lizard yo magic you can do it!!!!

  • Steven

    Awh- look at it grasp for some comprehension of participles!

  • Red

    Lizard squad general.
    Your not one of the lizards squad.
    We have your phone number.
    Your iphone 5s location.
    Which is the one you’re sending this messages.
    This is a warning.

  • #Cut4Netflix

    These fuckers prevented me from watching netflix! I only wish bloodshed on these assholes for what they’ve done.

  • annoyed gamer

    These are the kind of people that like to fuck everything up for others just cause they are nothing but degenerate dick heads that have nothing better to do than to ruin others peoples days for no reason but to be assholes. I’d like to see how well they can hack accounts, let alone use a computer, after having each finger broken slowly, at each knuckle, and then having a keyboard shoved up their ass

  • Lizard squad general

    Really well tell me wanna be what’s Meh phone number and my address

  • ScRuFFy F3tT

    I don’t give a fuck about all that bullshit about which one is better, had a ps3 and it took a shit on me so I got a 360 and had it ever since. Now all I want to do is relax after work and play my god Damn games that I paid for with my hard earned God Damn money without some stupid fucking group of super nerds with nothing better to do with their lives than to fuck with other people cause obviously mommy and daddy never paid enough attention to them.

  • implatinum2000

    they caught the guy

    • PickUp_Artist


  • Kyle Rascoe

    Bruh u beeeeeen ruin may gems cuz leke di fuq iz wong wit diz betches

  • Linda

    Come on really wth

  • Lizard squad general

    Like I said u try to threaten me by saying u got my phone number and address lmao u wish

    • Bogs Binny

      You’re not from Lizard Squad obviously. Hell, you don’t even know how to spell!

  • Lizard squad general

    Lmao u guys are fucking retarded

    • bob saget

      Yeah, tell me that when you learn proper english.

      • Lizard squad general

        Y’all say u got my address and phone number plz tell me if u aint bluffing u will know my adress and phone number fucking bluffing like I said y’all keep running around my question and won’t tell me cause u know that I know that your bluffing

        • Bob Saget

          That wasn’t me. All I want is for you to speak proper English. Also:you, please,you,aren’t,you,address,because,you.

        • Prophet37

          So you can’t read or write at all… Thanks for making that apparent. Wasn’t him that said he had your info.
          Stupid fn troll….

        • ?????

          Wow, Guest! And you say I’m dumb!

  • Lizard squad general

    U talk all this shit talking bout u got my phone number and address come on then hot shot tell me my address and phone number if your not bluffing lmao I would like to know lol

    • Bob Saget


  • RA3030

    Wow this story would read a whole lot different if it was the Sony network that’s was taking down.

  • lonedrake83

    Wether you are a fan of xbox or a fan of PlayStation…this should make every one of us mad…because in the end we are all gamers…and stunts like this ruin gaming as a whole…I for one am a xbox fan, but have no ill-will towards PlayStation fans or the system itself…each have their pros and cons

  • Braheem Hazeem III

    You might want to add “claims” to your title. The fact that not everyone is having problems and its intermittent makes me think the azure servers are acting up again. I think these dumb kids are just trying to take credit for general server issues.

  • Daniel Hill

    well this got quiet

  • Bogs Binny

    Not anymore lol

  • sk8tr5885

    I am still on without a problem.what they do only affects people with shitty internet.

  • Jose Hurtado

    Bastards, finals are next week let me play!!!!!!

  • Christopher Pace

    Xbox live works on the 1 just friends list unavailable kinda annoying

  • 111AlaN111

    Don’t they have a life?

  • NIKI1313

    No matter what this sux big time I tried to fix, re-log, call for service, I have been figuring s out for over n hour in Indiana….

  • Bogs Binny

    The Halo 5: Guardians Beta ships in less than 30 days, come on.

  • NIKI1313

    I am wanting Netflix for real this bites

  • Prophet37

    Mine’s back on… If Lizard Squat Generic keeps posting his illiterate propaganda, please rip on him. It’s the only attention he gets in his lonely, useless life so you’ll be performing a kindness.

  • CrashOver1de

    This is essentially technological terrorism. I hope they are pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Laws should be changed to make they penalties more severe as well.

  • i lovejustice9


  • Shawn

    They took the friends list down not the service i swear fucking people don’t even checked facts before they write bullshit …

    • Anthony

      My friend’s list is working just fine, not sure what you’re talking about..

      • cha

        Maybe he’s talking about how 99% of peoples friends lists are down right now? dumbass

        • Anthony

          Yes, I’m the dumbass for NOT having a problem and questioning him. The problem I had was with the xbox marketplace, downloading the free game with gold. So, don’t be so quick to call me a dumbass, when I’ve done nothing wrong and this was the first time I saw anyone complaining about the friend’s list.

  • Nick

    Man F*CK Them, Why do they think it’s cool? If I ever ran into one of them in REAL life, Wow! All they do is ruin everybody’s shit. Grow up.

  • Richard Weaver

    What have we learned here today? Absoutly nothing… Ddos of xboxlive wow that’s so cool. I think Microsoft should take the appropriate actions on this one. Can’t hide forever.

  • Hawks eat lizards for lunch

    Ah, lizards did this you say… Shall we send in the hawks?

  • NIKI1313

    I am downloading again did not realize it was everyone’s issue thought it was just me… XBOX 360, Netflix want to watch a scary movie but noooo damn hackers suck they need to do a craft…. find a friend or get a date. Find something productive that does not screw with others life.

  • AnonSoldier

    Lizard Squad will be facing off against Anonymous soon, you will all be protected

  • Venumb

    Pathetic no life losers wasting a good trade on hacking entertainment systems when they could be doing something far greater.

  • LizardSquadBlows

    Keep trying lizard squad. You’re not quite famous yet. Lol hacking servers thinking you’re so cool. Get jobs. You’re lame.

  • Joe Raymer

    What is the reason for this is all I want to know? What kind of joy do u get for hacking the game networks? I get it it’s cool u can do it but I can’t but why do it at all?!

  • PickUp_Artist

    It’s all over you guys can go to bed now >:)

  • Hammafoo

    I think they got it back up and running, failed attempt 1… See what’s next

  • kate thomas

    next possible attacks from Lizard: Verizon Wireless,T-Mobile,AT&T Boost Mobile,Comcast,Century Link,Bright house,Uverse,Facebook,Skype,PSN,Nintendo,Netflix,Crunchyroll.

    • chancy magee

      Good, as long as they quit screwing with my videogames!

  • iHasTRexArms

    ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? You’re a fucking idiot.

  • blackpickle

    my peepee hurts

  • blackpickle

    it burn like fire

  • kinkyJudgeDredd

    I wonder if any of them play Xbox and if they have a way of getting arround the outcome of their attacks.

  • DragonReaper973

    Welp, that explains why, got on my Xbox 360 for some Payday 2 and Ghost Recon with my friend and only got to play Payday 2.


    PC Master Race?

  • Hammafoo

    Funny how lizard squad leader, is posting here. For what just happened a master hacker would not put his face I.e something to be traced to him, out there on some social network of any kind, atop of that he can’t spell, so how could he possibly write any kind of complex coding? Let alone a damn basic HTML code. LSL you suck balls at trolling man.

  • Brad

    Eh, I have far cry 4 and can play campaign offline for days. So much stuff to uncover, this doesn’t really effect me (Xbox one) and Netflix still works too

  • Jon Q.

    Well xbox live is still up for me, has been all day. But there’s been glitches like friends list isn’t showing and parties aren’t working but that’s it.

  • Xûr Strange Change

    On Xbox 360 I was able to get online and play gta v but no go on destiny it boots me off says im not connected to live

    • Itsfunnybutgimmebackmysexbox

      Is your Netflix or Amazon or anything strictly Xbox live related up and running? Or is it just as screwed as both of our destiny’s?

  • Theodore Matthew Buur

    Lizard Squad you are jerks

  • Marcie

    Can somebody pleez track these MF Lizard sqats down and stomp on them; I hope they do get found out and their scrawny arses get put in jail where all they can hack at is prison bars. As you can tell they’ve really pissed me the ‘F” off along with hundreds of thousands of other XBox users across North America this evening.

  • Anonymoose

    What do these “people” (I use that word in quotes for a reason) even have to gain from ddos’ing a gaming network? It’s not like it’s making their gaming experience any better. And it seems like if they happened to brag about it IRL, all they’d get is curb stomped.

  • JustACommonGamer

    This is really fucking annoying, I just want to play some Xbox with some friends but the so called hacker group took Xbox Live services offline and will attack Xbox Live again near Christmas because this attsck on Xbox Live was just a small sample of what they could do. I feel that the so called hacker group get a kick out of ruining people Xbox Live experience and any other attacks the group has made.I feel that the group responsible should go baxk to the holes they crawled out of and stopp ruining peoples live as they are just fucking faggots and deserve what comes to them for their actions.

  • Stefan Swanlund

    just because they take credit doesn’t mean they are responsible. it could be a ploy to get attention.

  • geniunet

    No, Xbox Live is up and running. This news was fake, a lie to diminish MS. Amateurs.

  • C

    Bunch of bitches. Got nothing better to do then fuck with other people’s shit. You better damn well not get caught or you might get what’s coming to you. Might wind up having no arms to hack with anymore. Might have to shove your fat fucking faces into the controller to do what you fat fucks did.

  • Paul

    no PSN and No XBOX.. so no problem for me..

  • jeremy

    Dude I was playing gya 5 and can’t get on Xbox live or anything I just want to play with my friends cux I’m bored

  • dudemartinez

    Mine is up but freezing everytime I try to get on hulu. Anyone else?

  • Chase

    Wtf lizard squad stop being ads holes

  • gob

    I hope all of these asshole die of aids after watching there families go first and maybe when they see there loved ones go they’ll think gee maybe I shouldnt have done all those stupid things in my pathetic life.

  • JonnyB

    Ah lizards!

  • dapaintrain

    Could care less im a single player campaign guy myself and will probably still be occupied by gta v and far cry 4

    • llTommoll


  • Moutopher

    Why don’t they take down the BANKS instead?

  • DmacG

    Gray hat schzio, ip : 225:14:761792
    Rep i4 scpt. Infoboom. Server packets 314mb/s

  • hiawa23

    I am fine with single player

  • Logan Davis

    I immediately disconnected my 360 from any network upon reading this a few hours ago. I will be offline until this settles thank you very much. Funny how I just got through beating Watch Dogs last night too haha.

  • Chris Baker

    360 is down here in oklahoma city #CtCu

  • Tammara Baker

    It’s down in Pennsylvania to. This is bull.

  • Cody Archer

    It is down here in Florida

  • jeremy

    This makes no sense bro

  • jeremy

    The some bull shit here

  • dodge

    Oh good another DDoS from another group of kids hiding behind scripts and progz they didn’t write. Too bad they don’t try anything useful with their lives. Maybe they could create rather than…..uh…..hmmmm… f’n lame?

  • Karizmah Smith

    What is the point what do they get out of this

  • laur

    ontario, canada is down too :-(

  • guest

    What the Microsoft people have ro say, because i was trying to play destiny and now i can’t play the video game that i paid for and the live account that im also paying, what your
    going to do

  • Guest

    They probably have a lot of time on their hands because they’re probably too fat to get out of their moms basement and can’t lure a girl down there.

  • Doreyon Whiteside

    Noooooo I’ll give dem $100,000,000 if they don’t take it down

  • Ghost424

    The new DLC is coming out next week for Destiny. Them F-ing A-holes better get a life and quit F-ing up everyone else’s

  • Jason Garcia

    The fbi will get them I hope they like it up the a#$ because all they will be is fresh meat in prison

  • kevinharoun

    Up to their tricks? WTF? The guys aren’t cute. They work for Sony or something? How is there attack on MS supposed to be funny or some social justice bullshit? It’s not. They’ve cost me time and money. Hope they’re asses end up in jail.

  • Brienn A. Rockhill

    And they keep saying it’s back up and it is NOT

  • Dimas XD


  • Legion

    I think anonymous needs to give them a taste of their own medicine

  • Trudy Golding

    I would like to take these bastards and kick them between their twig and two berries , if they had any, im a disabled bed ridden older person who enjoys her gaming , between that and my pc online etc its the only contact with the outside world I get , and these little shirts have ruined that , I cant still even at this time of night 6.58pmaustralian eastern standard time access my xbox live account,
    I would like to strangle these useless excuses for human beings , thanks a lot ive now got nothing to do but lay here and twiddle my thumbs


    now I have to read a book =(

  • Connor Bransby

    well done lizards i hope to see more of this in the future


    its working motherfuckers!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • King Goodra

    all of my b02 dlc was deleated i have 2 buy them all i cant download any maps like nucktown any one whant a lock lobbie #rip my B02

  • Van L.

    Pleeeeeeeease let me meet these f**kers in person. That’s my Christmas wish.

  • ARBS

    I wonder it Steam servers are a target

  • damn, sucks to be an online only gamer, i only play single player so i am ok, store still works, upload still works, good times

  • Lizardhunter

    They just buthurt

  • Oli

    I hope they run in to a group of XBL gamers on the street and meet their own f@#$ing makers. I’d have a blast if I were even alone with just one of them lame little hackers wannabe’s

  • logik893

    360 apps like Netflix and Hulu were working for me. But online gaming was or is still out. Everything has worked on my XBO except the friends app.

  • That is BS. This has got to stop.

  • friendly Fox

    You really believe this? XD

  • berysax

    Reminds me of over zealous vegans. Stinky farts.

  • Connor

    I managed to get online but before I did it was doing this security check I was completely unaware of this hackers.

  • JCheezy

    When did it go down? I played last night till 11 o’clock and got up around 5 this morning and played some Destiny Crucible.

  • NOSQEY .

    I was having problems yesterday afternoon for about an hour.

  • Jared

    XBL wasn’t completely down. I couldn’t sign in on the 360 but One was fine. Let’s not give these turds too much credit.


    I think these really small individuals with even smaller cocks are just a bunch of weisels. nothing better to do with their time. HEY STUPIDS, MICROSOFT OR OTHER INFORMATION COMPANIES ARE NOT GOING TO HIRE YOU! THIS ISNT THE MOVIES! GROW THE FUCK UP! STUOID DICK WADS, PROB THOSE GOOFS WHO GET BEAT UP AT SCHOOL AND THEIR LUNCH MONEY TAKEN! LMFARO

  • Nixon Trebejo

    Yet I’m still online…..

  • kupa

    Is this why my live wont work? it started with gta5 then cod to netflex logs me off completely. Is there anyw0ay to fix this?

  • eliten9ne

    servers went down around 8pm est nearly 30 mins passed by before they tried to claim if it was them then why so long to tweet it. two they say for Christmas they will do more but at no point do they say they are just aiming for xbox

  • Kelsey Borgeteien-James

    Hey all we need is a couple or so hackers to team up and find out where the Twitter posts are coming from then go from there and get our sweet sweet Xbox live back!

  • Anthony Evans

    Didnt even notice the attack.

  • parkie

    Use ur knowledge and skills to do something for the ppl not against them.

  • FloridaSun72

    Hahaha, how about that superior online experience?

    • llTommoll

      What about it. Its still superior to PSN.

      • FloridaSun72

        If it were then MS would be winning this gen.

  • Huh… Didn’t even notice it was down.

  • Ahura Z. Diliiza

    Stupid. Absolutely stupid.

  • Safe For Work League.

    I’m going to overload my server. so its down after you bought my game or use my service because I cant afford to give you this service in the first place. Now I get free recession time and will not be blames for pulling the plug. . blame it on someone els. We will call them hackers. I get get away with the money. and gain statistics of how many hits this game or service got.. ddos is not an attack. why would u give someone a lot of you tube plays for no reason? after all its called a denial of service attack. use Google now.

  • Melissa Rossetti

    Bunch of as

  • Safe For Work League.

    I’m going to overload my server, so its down after you bought my game or use my service, because I cant afford to give you this service in the first place. Now I get free recession time and will not be blames for pulling the plug.sorry contractors, .I’m Blame it on someone els. We will call them hackers. Now I get get Free money. and gain statistics of how many hits this game or service got.. ddos is not an attack. why would u give someone a lot of you tube plays for no reason? After all its called a denial of service attack. use Google now, A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources, they probably have all the xboxes hacked. and make them log into their service a much of times and u didn’t even notice.

  • Darksatan624

    as long as they disrupt BRADPITT’s gametime, i dont have any problems with it…. #BRADPITTOFFLINE

  • Marvin

    We still have no ability to connect even though it is reported that all is good!!

  • Leprae Vy Mdama

    Why they attacking xbl or psn? lol they act like thats real life Hacking Xbox Live= Presidents death XD

  • bjamin

    I cant verify my account. Really annoying. Enter in my email and just error code after error code.

  • lygamnt

    This sucks that’s true. But knowing China and Russia can shut down our power grid and that Obama can shutdown all power and communications at anytime scares me more.

  • godzilla73

    Mine was online all night last night. Hmm, either they fixed it fast, or it was only in certain areas

  • strike rouge

    Must be a lie…. the Cloud never goes down…

  • ankits3a

    Wait Wait Wait.. I Guess You All Guys Missed The Most Important thing. Read Here: … I must say this is amazing.. Damn amazing.. Ohh.. dnt say me thank you now.


    GO LIZARD SQUAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #HACKITAGAIN

  • Lizard lover 217

    I love all you hackers out there. #muchLove c:

  • Tha Truth

    No surprise that the crappy Xbox Live got hacked again. Crap service with Game – Boy level security. I guess this is exactly why the third – place poverty box has been in third place in sales for this entire generation. People know to avoid the console because of it’s last – gen graphics, crap third – party games and crap exclusives, oh yeah and it’s super – easy to hack to bits as well.

    Not like it matters if LIVE is offline anyway, given that the Halo: Master Crap Collection’s multiplayer is STILL completely broken I doubt anybody even noticed since they can’t play MP anyway, LAFF!

    Only low – IQ peasants on here defending their trashy, last – gen, third – place poverty box and it’s crappy service. Trash – Box is in third place for a reason and this proves it.

    • Hammafoo

      Psn was down for months and as of now as far as I see and can see with people I know, live is back up. So paying for a great service that actually works unlike my psn seems to be paying off, but in the end this whole thread isn’t about which one is better and why, or who hacked who. It’s more about the bs that people are hacking for no reason other than attention. Grow up some kid

  • unknwon

    I agree these idiots affecting our xbox live i hope they stop

  • Russia Good

    yep yep its only relevant if its hits sony to thse MS fanboys, karma is a bitch

  • cheese

    showing pc is best once again

  • Dirkster_Dude

    The irony of most of the comments I read were more about which company, Sony or Microsoft deserved it more, which is pretty pathetic. I didn’t read all the comments here before I made mine, but I thought it ironic that instead of blaming Microsoft or Sony they should blame the Cyber terrorists instead. What the Cyber terrorists seem to care about is attention and they are receiving plenty of it thanks to both camps.

  • Tom Sawyer

    Change the headline. NOBODY “took down” xbox live. I didnt even notice it! Heck I had some amazing matches last night!

  • Hammafoo

    Ya, for all the psn fans, asking “why isn’t this on the social media like it was when PS3 went down” good question. Psn was hacked and down for 3 months before they were able to regain control. During which time they did not release that they had been hack until several days after they had first been hacked. Xbl was down for merly a few hours. Why would social media and news announce that? Seems like crying wolf before anythings even happened really. Sure both have been hacked but xbl charges and now we see a 3 month obvious difference as to why we (xbl players) pay 60 small dollars a year to play. Better service and more reliable. So please just because your upset that “well they made fun of us so why can’t we make fun of them” that’s why. End my rant

  • Unaffiliated Voter

    For a minute, I almost thought that my 360 had an issue after it threw an error code after login last night. But after doing a quick search online, that proved otherwise. I also knew that my Wi-Fi connection was good being that other devices could connect. The only thing that my 360 couldn’t connect to at the time was Xbox Live, so I knew it was on their end. No need to “reset your router” if there’s a problem that is out of your hands! The Lizard Squad may very well attempt to “surprise” Microsoft and its many users around Christmas, but if Microsoft is smart, then they’d beef up the security of their servers with stronger passwords and other means of enhanced encryption. Welcome to the new Cold War, folks. With all of the merciless hacking happening almost everywhere lately, this is pure cyber-terrorism at its very best. Which is why I have been using cold hard cash more often now over the plastic that I normally had used before all of the hacking started.

  • David Tipton

    These asshats need to be arrested, and then their tech destroyed. They attack Microsoft and other buisiness because they are to chicken shit to actually go after bigger more well armed institutions such as the government.

  • Jeremiah Miller

    Add me to discuss on Xbox
    Gt= Purify Millz
    Group of hackers f*cking scumbags

  • Hammafoo

    Well xbl had an update, funny how quick everything was fixed, pays off to have a small charge each year dosnr it? 6 hours for it to start working 2 or so days or less for a patch compared to 3 months? Lol im sticking Microsoft

  • Scooter

    Lizard Squad can eat a bowl of f#*k! Also, I think Microsoft should give their Live subscribers credited time for their downed server time.
    It’s been so bad, I can’t log into matched games even when I do get online.
    A sarcastic “thanks” to the Lizard Squad for doing what they do best: screwing the rest of us hard working people who want to relax on their weekends or free time, while sitting on their asses collecting their government assistance and beating it in their bedroom to Anime. *thumbs up* you waste of DNA.

  • The Rambo Gamer

    Happened again just few minutes ago do.these guys have anything.better to do?

  • Hammafoo

    Ya dosnt seem like they do

  • Carter

    Today is the only day was a little play Xbox and now these assholes take it down I’m really pissed off now

  • Shawn

    I’m not buying it this bs xbox is doing this they just want us to buy xbox one when alot of us can’t aford it!

  • Lee

    This is why we can have nice things

  • Tripod

    Sounds about like someone needs to get ahold if anonymous and show “the lizard squad” how hacking is really done

  • Robert Meier

    You have gone to far this time you sick fat guy you say y’all had to much time on you hand go out side the sun won’t hurt you unless you a vampire go make new friend out side you house get a life get a job get q girl friend and have sex’s don’t say you have to much time on you hand so you stared a little club of nerds to play hacker it was fun till you boom treat on a plane their is no prize for trezist y’all have fun I am going out side to the movies and eat with my girl good luck with you life

  • angermanagementisbroken

    Some people should just eat a bullet, pathetic drains on society, people work to make them sitting on their fat asses possible and they fuck us over…because “they just have a lot of free time” get a fucking job

  • Dashii

    They are just probably a bunch of nerds who are loners and don’t have a
    life instead of hacking xbox 360 severs they should come pull up at my house so we can get to the fighting they know my ip adreess now come to me tonight @6 pm or NOW ?????

  • Willllom

    I Have and xbox 360and will get a xbox one, but I’m kinda glad they did this. Microsoft needs a taste of their own medicine, considering they are constantly fucking us over 24/7…

  • lizard squad

    #xbox live going down all day tomorrow lol

  • Ashton


    -go to petitions
    -click “view all petitions”
    -find the petition about lizard squad
    -complete the steps in order to sign the petition
    -help raise awareness about lizard squad and how to help, I did

    • Ashton

      PS if you can’t find “view all petitions”then click on “find a petition”

  • shitfart

    I quit xbox live when it was over run by 10yr old bitches everywhere — lol —

  • Matt Weingust

    someone over in lizard is gonna fuck up with their proxxys…someones gonna die ;)

  • A Fox Among Wolves

    Save the rendition and water boarding for these clowns. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Until a large hacker group is taken down and sent to prison for life then this sort of stupidity will continue.

  • Fuk hackers

    Xbox live went down for me yesterday and a lot of my friends, no way it’s a mere coincidence.

  • jv

    I’d like to see one of these little assholes in public and ddos their heads in with a brick

  • Random notes

    I am so fed up with this lizard squad bullshit they need to use thier hacking skills to do something important in life instead of fucking up everybody elses fun or escape from stess….. Like they can be using thier skills to take down bad shit like terrorists ir something for christs sake it is getting a bit old and i swear if i ever meet one of those fucks i would beat the fucking shit out of them with a rubber hose and sprinkle salt in the welts and break thier face …… See the violence in my tone? I play games to relieve this from my system so stop with the “im a fucking hardcore hacker that rules the world with a keyboard “routine and get a fucking grip its not the fucking 90s anymore…. Hackers arent cool anymore they are just common criminals that cant fit into society

  • Wishing I could play Xbox now

    Yep it’s down on Christmas when I just got my xbox 1 -_- thanks lizard squad. You suck.

  • F***k lizard squad

    Why do they do this, I’ve been looking forward to this for months

  • A

    Bunch of faggots

  • Zack Harris

    That’s what you expect from a bunch of cocksucking mother fuckin assholes who say that they are just bored and have free time. That’s fucking bullshit! I hope they get caught by the FBI.

  • Adam Jozef Joniec

    Fuck off lizard squad(fuck off and die). My only goal in life is to destroy your lives forever

  • Moose and Squirrel

    This is what happens when you have mildly intelligent kids with no families to spend Christmas with, and they’re stuck in their own basement with nothing but their tiny little penises. They lash out so that normal people can feel their pain. Its the only way they can feel any sort of self value, which of course is nothing but an illusion as they don’t have any.

  • acid

    The lizard group r just gay likes it in the ass that’s all

  • Chris Peters

    I think they’re at it again

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