Madden 16 Will Feature New Controls

by Damian Seeto
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Some online retailers have revealed some new details for Madden 16 suggesting there will new controls.

Both Amazon and Gamestop have written a one sentence description for Madden 16. It looks like the game will have new controls.

The exact description is: “Be the playmaker in Madden NFL 16 with all-new controls that allow you to dominate in the battle for air supremacy”.

Madden 16 to have all new controls is an interesting move from EA Sports. A lot of gamers feel the Madden series has gone stagnant. It’s possible EA Sports is wanting to reinvigorate the series by introducing a new control scheme.

It’s also interesting EA Sports is adding new controls to Madden 16 in the same year that Joe Montana Football 16 is set to be released. EA Sports probably knows there’s potentially another American Football video game out there this year, so they needed to do something different.

Not a lot of details have been revealed about Joe Montana Football 16 yet, other than one screenshot. However American Football fans have been craving for some new competition in the market. Madden 16 needs to step up this year if Joe Montana Football 16 ends up being a hit.

Do you like the fact that Madden 16 will have new controls this year?