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Madden 17 Is Getting New Broadcast Duo With Dynamic Commentary

by Dean James


Madden 17 will be getting a big push at EA Play during E3 next week, but more details have been coming out about the game in recent weeks. The latest is rather interesting as they are completely wiping the slate clean with not only a new broadcasting duo, but dynamic commentary.

One of the issues that many have with sports games is the commentary, as it can get rather repetitive and stale quickly, as you have the same comments being made. They have gotten better at having enough to where it isn’t as bad, but still it can get annoying for those that keep playing that game throughout the year.

Since Madden 13, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms have served as commentators, but now they are getting replaced in the upcoming Madden 17.

As announced by EA Sports, Madden 17 will feature a new broadcast team of Brandon Gaudin as the play-by-play man and Charles Davis as the color commentator. These are certainly not the household names that Nantz and Simms were, but both have experience in the field. Gaudin is the current play-by-play man for Georgia Tech athletics, while Davis is an NFL analyst for Fox Sports.

The most exciting announcement though is that of dynamic commentary, which will come through the game’s weekly updates. Gaudin and Davis will be continually recording throughout the season and will be able to discuss ongoing events of the season and how certain players are performing, keeping Madden 17 fresh all season long.

This all sounds very exciting, but we’ll have to wait and see how the new team will sound in action when Madden 17 launches on August 23 for Xbox One and PS4.

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