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Life-Size Majora’s Mask Replica Coming from First 4 Figures

by Kyle Hanson


Fans of video game collectibles are already pretty familiar with First 4 Figures. Their lines of statues have been some of the best around, especially their many figures based on The Legend of Zelda. Now they’re branching out into new territory with their first launch of 2017, a life-size replica of Majora’s Mask.

We don’t yet have any pictures of the collectible, but the company is promising a full reveal next week. There will be livestreams across their channels leading up to pre-orders opening on January 10th. We should also have pricing and release date details then as well, but expect it to run on the high end. Other First 4 Figures collectibles have been in the $400-$500 range. Their Zelda statues have fit this mold, with some stadouts including Epona and Link, and the recently released King of Red Lions from Wind Waker.

As a big collector myself, First 4 Figures is right up there with Sideshow for providing high detail and high quality, but with an equally high price. They are showpiece style collectibles though, so you’re not really expected to grab every single one. This one seems pretty special though, being the first official life-size release of the iconic Majora’s Mask from The Legend of Zelda.

Fans have been creating their own replicas for years, selling them on sites like etsy and ebay. Now that there’s an official version it will be interesting to see if Nintendo cracks down on these fan creations. Nintendo has shown themselves to be hostile toward that sort of thing in the past, with their YouTube policy still causing headaches for the growing YouTube gaming community.

Maybe they draw the line at physical collectibles though, especially if the artist is not selling them in mass quantity. With the detail involved in making a Majora’s Mask replica, that usually isn’t the case, instead selling individually as requested by buyers.

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