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The Makers of RWBY and RvB Form New Game Publisher Rooster Teeth Games

by Kyle Hanson


Rooster Teeth, the company behind hits such as Red vs Blue and RWBY are now growing once again, forming their own video game publisher in Rooster Teeth Games. The company had of course been tied to video games from the start, using Halo to make their online videos. However, it was only recently that they began making their own, with RWBY: Grimm Eclipse being the first. Now they’re expanding by allowing other developers to take advantage of their community and connections.

Said to be a bridge between “independent game developers and the worldwide community of gamers”, Rooster Teeth Games will publish indie titles of all sorts. The first game coming from the new publisher is Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars, which is developed by Invisible Collective.

Battlesloths is described as “a fast-paced, local multiplayer, competitive twin-stick shooter. In it, players train to become the ultimate gun-toting, hoverboarding, pizza-eating sloth. Up to four players can compete against AI sloths using myriad weaponry, each with their own strategies, to destroy enemies in a quest to collect the most pizza.”

“Rooster Teeth services the community of people who grew up on game consoles instead of cable boxes,” said Michael Hadwin, Director, Rooster Teeth Games. “With Rooster Teeth Games, we will bring a wide array of engaging and entertaining video games on all platforms to this community, and in turn introduce the indie developer to this thriving demographic.”

Rooster Teeth has always been able to find success within the gaming community. Red vs Blue was a massive hit when it first released on the internet in 2003. Since then the company has grown immensely, expanding into Let’s Plays, original creations, and much more. Making their own game was a logical next step, and this venture into game publishing should be an interesting new turn for the almost 14 year old company.

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