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No Man’s Sky Could Feature Music From Porter Robinson

by Damian Seeto


No Man’s Sky could feature a really good soundtrack as Porter Robinson has expressed interest for his music be included in the game.

Porter Robinson himself tweeted to Sean Murray (founder of Hello Games) to be featured in the No Man’s Sky soundtrack. He said he’s a huge fan of the game so far and “would love” if his music were to be involved.

Sean Murray replied to the offer praising Porter Robinson. He even gave out his email address ([email protected]) for them to arrange something. If you are a fan of Porter Robinson, you may get to hear some of his music in No Man’s Sky.

If you have never heard of Porter Robinson, he’s a young DJ that concentrates on electronic music. He may not be a household name right now, but his music would suit a game like No Man’s Sky. Imagine hearing soft electronic music while exploring space. It would suit the atmosphere of the game. As long as music from Justin Beiber is not in the game, we should all be fine.

No Man’s Sky has no release date yet, but will hit the PS4 sometime next year. A PC release will follow afterwards.

Check out Porter Robinson’s kind of music below:

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