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Mario Kart Tour 2nd Anniversary Tour is Now Live

This event brings back courses and drivers.
Mario, Pauline, Baby Peach and Waluigi racing together

The 2nd Anniversary Tour event is now underway in Mario Kart Tour. The first half of the event sees the reappearance of tracks based on real-world locations, as well as the return of community-favorite drivers and new variant styles of characters, courses and karts.

As detailed on Mario Kart Tour’s official Twitter account and in the in-game news, this event will feature challenges the player can complete to earn rubies. Completing all challenges will earn the player a High-End Mario (Classic) driver. Kart Pro and 2-Player Challenge events will also be featured alongside each other during the 2nd Anniversary Tour, as well as premium challenges. The Token Shop will feature 6 high-end purchase options, including Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach, with every item costing 100 tokens.

Birdo (Blue) is a brand new driver being added as a reward for players that place in the top three of ranked cups during both halves of the 2nd Anniversary Tour, with Blue Turbo Birdo being awarded to players placing in the top six. Pipes and special offers will also include High-End drivers, karts and gliders from tours throughout Mario Kart Tour’s history. 2nd Anniversary Pipe 1, a special offer featuring Luigi (classic) and another featuring Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES) will be available from 22nd September 2021 until 6th October 2021. City Racer Pipe 1, Sunset Cloud Special Offer and Special Offer Crimson Hop Rod will be available from 22nd to the 29th September 2021. Finally, the 2nd Anniversary Pipe 2, City Racer Pipe 2 and 5 special offers will be available from the 29th September 2021 until the 6th of October 2021.


The 2nd Anniversary Pipe 1 spotlights Pauline, Mario (Hamaka), Peach (Kimono), Peach (Vacation) and Luigi (Painter). City Racer Pipe Pipe 1 does not spotlight any characters but features Pauline, Mario (Racer), Peach (Cherub) and Waluigi (Bus driver) and brand-new variants of B Dasher Mk. 2

A Twitter campaign was also launched on the official Mario Kart Tour account, offering players double the number of retweets the tweet gets as in-game coins, up to a maximum of 22,222 coins, as well as 20 coins for sharing photos taken in the game’s auto mode.

If you’re returning to Mario Kart Tour or checking out the game for the first time, visit our guide on how to drift to step yourself above the competition and earn plenty of 2nd Anniversary Tour rewards. Mario Kart Tour is available on Android via the Google Play Store and iOS-enabled devices via the App Store.

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