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Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Announced For Switch

by William Schwartz


Ubisoft has confirmed the earlier rumors that the Rabbids and Super Mario series would be getting a mash-up in Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.  Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage at the Ubisoft press conference with Yves Guillemot to reveal the new game for the Nintendo Switch.

Kingdom Battle is Mario game that has never been tried before, per the developers.  Don’t expect a platformer like a traditional Mario title.  The first gameplay that we’ve been shown reveals something very different, with strategy elements.  Ubisoft is calling it a tactical battle game.

The mash-up sees the Rabbids characters in the Mushroom Kingdom, making it a completely unstable place.  Mario will team up with the Rabbids to save the Kingdom in turn-based combat gameplay.

The game switches between exploration modes and battle modes, where players use cover and teamwork to flank enemy Rabbids.  Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle looks like something in the vein of a turn-based combat game like XCOM in a much lighter hearted setting.

As you progress, the game becomes more complex offering more weapons, power-ups, characters, and tools to use on the battlefield, facing a combination of classic Mario and Rabbids enemies and heroes.

The game is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch, with an August 29th, 2017 release date.

Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Trailer

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