Attack of the Fanboy

The market is ready for Xbox 720 and PS4

by William Schwartz


It’s been a long run for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and as gamers start to turn their sights on what’s next, at least one executive believes that the market is ready for the next generation.  The Xbox 720 and PS4 could mean big things for game publishers.  A chance to move their major success from this generation into the next, and introduce new franchises to players who adopt next generation tech.

According to 2K Games Boss, “the market is ready to take console gaming to the next level,” said Christoph Hartmann in an interview with Games Industry. “It’s the longest cycle we’ve had and it is harder and harder to launch new IPs.  Consumers are very used to the big franchises, but we need innovation in terms of content to really drive things.”

So what does 2K have in store for gamers in the next generation?  Hartmann didn’t divulge any specific plans in the interview, probably because 2K doesn’t have any according to him.  “As for us getting ready for what is coming one day, we really don’t have any concrete plans.”

Many believe that the next generation could arrive as early as the fall of 2013, that is of course if you don’t count the Wii U as a next generation console, which is due to arrive later this year.

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