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The Marvel Ultimate Alliance Remasters Have Major Issues On PC

by Mike Guarino


The announcement of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance remasters and the following release of said games has been very quick, and after the Xbox One version of the game was delayed a couple of days recently the reasoning for that is becoming more and more clear. The PC versions of these new remasters just launched yesterday, and those who have played them are not happy with them.

Heading over to their Steam pages shows that the games are not being received kindly, with a Myriad of issues being brought up. To kick things off, there is no option to actually rebind keys while playing with a keyboard, and there’s some serious input lag on top of it. This makes navigation throughout the game a pain, with even getting through the game’s menus giving people a hard time.

Playing with a controller won’t solve this issue, either, as most are reporting that the game does not even register that you’ve plugged in a controller at all. These issues bleed over into the audio and visual aspects of the games, with loads of glitches resulting in the presentation being very lacking at this time.

It remains to be seen how quickly they’ll be able to make things right with the PC versions of these games, but for now you’re much better off waiting things out or giving the PlayStation 4 version a shot. It may not be incredible, but reports say it’s leagues better than what is going on with the PC versions right now.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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