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Marvel’s Iron Man VR Receives New July Release Date

Comes between two major PlayStation releases.

by Dean James


Sony introduced their own take on the Nintendo Direct model with the PlayStation State of Play stream last year, which gave us the surprising announcement of Marvel’s Iron Man VR. This PlayStation exclusive VR project was originally slated to have released this past Friday, but COVID-19 has changed a lot of things with the gaming release schedule. It was announced not too long ago that Marvel’s Iron Man would be delayed alongside The Last of Us Part II, but now we have learned the new release date for this summer.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a brand new game built specifically for VR from the ground up. This is no mere tech demo such as games like Batman: Arkham VR either, as reports have said this is actually a fully fledged game of solid length for a VR title. While initially skeptical, a lot of people really got excited for the game after the first hands-on reports about the game, which made the delay all the more disappointing.

Originally schedule to release on May 15, PlayStation had announced that the game was delayed indefinitely. Since then, we had gotten new release dates for both The Last of Us Part II and Ghosts of Tsushima, but nothing for Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

That finally changed in a tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account, where they revealed that Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be coming right in between their other two major summer releases on July 3.

Putting this game in the middle of their other two major releases may have people wondering why Sony is cannibalizing themselves, but I doubt that will be much of a problem. The Last of Us Part II is the kind of game that major fans will beat in the few couple weeks, leaving them wanting something a little less heavy, which Marvel’s Iron Man VR could be the perfect game for. Ghosts of Tsushima is then a few weeks later, which is plenty of time to play through the VR title first.

Look for Marvel’s Iron Man VR to release exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PSVR on July 3.

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