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Marvel’s Spider-Man Gets Two New Suits in Free Update

Two new suits are available in the latest patch.

by Dylan Siegler


The last chunk of paid DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man may have come out last year, but Insomniac Games still wasn’t quite done adding new content to the game. Most recently, a couple more suits have been added that reference Spider-Man’s history with the Fantastic Four.

In a recent post on the PlayStation blog, it was announced that the Bombastic Bag-Man Suit and the Future Foundation Suit are now available for free to players who download today’s 1.14 patch update. The Future Foundation Suit comes from a storyline in the comics in which Spider-Man joins the Fantastic Four, who were calling themselves the Future Foundation at the time and were all wearing sleek, black-and-white costumes. Meanwhile, the Bombastic Bag-Man Suit comes from Amazing Spider-Man #258, in which Spidey goes to the Fantastic Four to help him remove a symbiote that he’d been wearing as a suit, which later turns out to be Venom. However, after removing the symbiote, Peter Parker is left without a suit, so the Fantastic Four let him borrow one of theirs. But the Fantastic Four don’t wear masks, so in an effort to keep his secret identity hidden, Spider-Man wears a paper bag over his head instead, and thus the Bombastic Bag-Man was born.


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