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Mass Effect 3 New Characters & Locations Rumored


There have been a few new gameplay details floating around the web today regarding Mass Effect 3, its characters and locations for the game.  According to our source, there are a couple of new confirmed characters that will definitely be making an appearance in Mass Effect 3.  Tali Zorah and Jack are both rumored to be returning in the finale.  There are a handful of characters that are confirmed to be part of Shepards squad when facing down the worldwide threat of the Reaper invasion on Earth.

Confirmed for the squad are, Liara, Garrus, Kaiden/Ashley, and James Sanders.  Familiar characters that are rumored for the sequel but might not be part of any squad based missions are familiar faces such as Admiral Anderson, EDI, Joker, The Illusive Man, Mordin, Legion, and Wrex.  As previously believed from trailer analysis,  time in the game won’t just take place on Earth.  You’ll be gallivanting across the galaxy as usual in Mass Effect 3.

Some of the places you will see in the sequel include a Salarian homeworld, a Quarian homeworld occupied by Geth, A human mining operation on Mars, and you will be visiting Earth as well.  There is a human mega-city that was formed by the merging of Vancouver and Seattle in the fiction, this is where you’ll spend your Earthbound time.  Unfortunately it will not be London or New York as thought before.  You’ll see this city of Earth in two parts, one before the invasion, and then after the Reapers have decimated the city.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more news about the game.  Mass Effect 3 is scheduled for release this fall on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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