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Mass Effect 4 will be accessible to newcomers and veterans alike

by William Schwartz


The next Mass Effect game that we’ll just call “Mass Effect 4” for now, will be accesible to newcomers and veterans alike, according to Bioware Montreal’s Yannick Roy. While Mass Effect fans have plenty of questions about what’s next for the massive RPG series, Roy recently responded to one very specific question via Twitter.

When asked about the inclusion of a catch-up system to get newcomers up to speed on things in the Mass Effect universe, Roy explained that the game will be friendly to both newcomers and veteran Mass Effect fans alike. But the developer was not ready to give up the exact details on how Bioware would be making the game accessible to all.

Roy is continually bombarded by questions about the next Mass Effect game, but Bioware doesn’t sound like they have many details to share at all, and we don’t know when this next title is slated to arrrive. It’ll likely be next-gen, and if it ends up coming in 2014, we could see a multi-generational release.

We do know the game is utilizing DICE’s Frostbite 3 Engine, and Roy has also went on the record to explain that Commander Shepard would not be making a miracle comeback in the fourth installment for the series. Mass Effect fans will have to hang in there for a little while longer before we start getting details about the new game, after skipping E3 with no new news on the fourth Mass Effect game, next stop is probably the VGA’s if we’re to hear anything at all in 2013.

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