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Mass Effect: Andromeda Was Nearly Called Mass Effect Beyond

by Damian Seeto


The newly announced Mass Effect: Andromeda video game could have been called Mass Effect Beyond.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Senior Development Director, Chris Wynn, revealed this interesting piece of news on his Twitter page.

Wynn shared a story about the new name for the third Star Trek movie. The new movie directed by Justin Lin is called “Star Trek Beyond”.

Wynn said: “We almost used the same name, that would have been awkward“.

According to Wynn, BioWare felt Mass Effect Beyond would have sounded horrible so that’s why it wasn’t used. As we know now, they chose “Andromeda”.

You have to admit, the word “Beyond” is used way more times in popular culture than Andromeda. There’s Batman Beyond and Beyond: Two Souls just to name a few. There’s probably more things with “Beyond” in their title too.

BioWare chose Mass Effect: Andromeda since this new game is set in a new galaxy. It sounds like it won’t have any connection to the original trilogy of games.

BioWare stated a few weeks ago Mass Effect: Andromeda is not a prequel or sequel. This is a reason why they didn’t call it Mass Effect 4 either.

Are you satisfied with Mass Effect: Andromeda, or would you have liked the sound of Mass Effect Beyond?

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