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Master Blaster Zero Version 1.3 update adds Shovel Knight and Shantae

by Lewis White


Inti Creates’ re-imagining of the classic NES game Master Blaster is receiving a substantial free timed update that adds some of modern platform gaming’s best characters to the game: Shovel Knight and Shantae.

Releasing on July 6th, Blaster Master Zero’s Version 1.3 update will add Wayforward’s half-genie heroine to the game complete with her trademark combat skills. During traditional sidescrolling combat, Shantae will whip enemies with her ponytail as well as utilize four transformation forms with additional skills. Monkey Dance, Mutant Dance, Elephant Dance and a mystery form all add different bonuses to help you get through key areas in the game. Throughout the top-down sections of Master Blaster Zero’s gameplay, Shantae will use her traditional magic skills: Fireball, Scimitar and Storm Puff.

Shovel Knight takes combat in an entirely different direction with the treasure-loving chap relying on ancient relics for the majority of his powers. Arriving on a later date, August 1st, Shovel Knight retains his shovel drop and shovel blade skills from the original Shovel Knight while also gaining access to the Fishing Rod, Throwing Anchor, Phase Locket and Warhorn relic skills. Throughout your journey as Shovel Knight, you’ll also come across hidden pieces of armor to grant you mysterious bonuses.

For the first fortnight of their release, both these DLC characters will be completely free. For those who miss the free events, Shovel Knight and Shantae will both be available at just $1.99 or your regional equivalent, just like with the game’s previous updates. For more information on Shovel Knight and Shantae’s movesets, click here and here respectively.

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