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Master Chief is Playable in Only Three of Halo 5’s Fifteen Missions

by Kyle Hanson


Throughout the Halo series, barring Wars, Reach, and ODST, players have had Master Chief as their main playable character. The Arbiter took second fiddle in Halo 2, starring in a couple of missions, but it was always clear who was the real star of the show. This changes with Halo 5 however, as Spartan Locke has seemingly taken over as the game’s main character, despite what 343 assured fans before the game’s release.

The game is now out in the wild, and players have found that of the 15 missions contained in Halo 5, only three feature Master Chief as a playable character. Spartan Locke is playable in the other twelve. To be fair, a couple of these missions are just story sections, with Locke and his team just talking to key people. Even removing them though the ration remains firmly above three to one.

Without spoiling anything, here is a breakdown showing which missions feature which characters, with Locke being the leader of Fireteam Osiris and Chief in charge of Blue Team:

Osiris – Fireteam Osiris
Blue Team – Blue Team
Glassed – Fireteam Osiris
Meridian Station – Fireteam Osiris
Unconfirmed – Fireteam Osiris
Evacuation – Fireteam Osiris
Reunion – Blue Team
Swords of Sanghelios – Fireteam Osiris
Alliance – Fireteam Osiris
Enemy Lines – Fireteam Osiris
Before the Storm – Fireteam Osiris
Battle of Sunaion – Fireteam Osiris
Genesis – Fireteam Osiris
The Breaking – Blue Team
Guardians – Fireteam Osiris

This isn’t necessarily a problem with the game, as having a slightly different playable character doesn’t impact the gameplay in any fashion. However, it might hurt some fans to know that Chief is taking a back seat this time around. Whether this trend continues in future Halo games will have to wait to be seen. For now, check out our full review of Halo 5: Guardians, which explains why it’s still totally worth your time and money.

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