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Meet the Genestealers of Space Hulk: Tactics

Gonna need more than a can of Raid to deal with this swarm

by Jacob Bukacek

The Warhammer 40k universe is absolutely filled to the brim with nightmarish creatures just itching for a chance to cause mass suffering and devastation to mankind. Among these, the Genestealers aren’t ranked all that high. They’re traditionally more akin to pests than an actual threat to the Imperium of Man, but for those unlucky enough to get assigned to a derelict space hulk, these creatures rank among the most terrifying. They behave more like a force of nature than a normal enemy faction, so eliminating them in Space Hulk: Tactics is going to take more than simple attrition.

Genestealers have a number of advantages over the terminators hunting them in Space Hulk: Tactics. They’re more agile, can take more actions per turn, and hit more reliably. Like the Terminators, Genestealers have their own set of cards with unique functions; a few of these cards will even allow player to turn a Genestealer radar blip into a special type of creature. Options for these include: the Reaper, Miasmic, and Bulwark Genestealers. If they’re lucky, players can also use their cards to summon a Brood Lord, which has the power to spawn additional Genestealers around itself.

In addition to the unique abilities they bring to the table, players who choose the Genestealers will also have their own campaign to work through. Presumably, success as the Genestealers means getting the opportunity to spread their infestation further, but can never really tell what these alien pests are really after. Fans will just have to sit back and wait until Space Hulk: Tactics launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 9.

- This article was updated on:October 5th, 2018

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