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Metal Gear Online PC Beta Removed Due to MB Coins Exploit

by Kyle Hanson


The Metal Gear Online PC Open Beta has been removed from the game temporarily due to a possible exploit within the game. This comes just a few hours after the multiplayer mode opened for players, with little information shared about what is going on, and when to expect the feature to return.

In a post on the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Steam community page, a developer for the game posted the following: “Due to a possible exploit, we’ve removed access to the Beta temporarily while a hotfix is being prepared. Once the issue is addressed we’ll provide access to the Beta once again.”

The exploit seems to involve the ability for players to purchase Mother Base Coins, or MB Coins without actually spending any money. This bug would break the game’s economy, while simultaneously killing the revenue that Konami hopes to generate from the microtransactions within Metal Gear Online.

Of course, given the many delays that this mode has seen over the last few months, this extra wait time isn’t pleasing many fans. Hopefully the team can get the hotfix ready very soon, though many are skeptical of a return within the next day or two.

What’s especially odd is that, according to many fans, the Metal Gear Online servers remain online at this time. The game was pulled, but with the servers still up, anyone that was logged in at the time was left active in the game. Many are reporting that they are still playing, even after the game was pulled. The bigger problem with this is that those players can easily take advantage of the exploit that the team is working to fix, though more than likely the game will be reset to zero before all of this is finished. Also, Konami will likely shut down the servers entirely if the hotfix takes a while to produce.

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