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Metal Gear Survive Gets Second Beta Before Release

by Jelani James


Metal Gear Survive, the controversial four-player co-op game from Konami, is getting another beta period one week before it launches later this month.

Here is the official description as seen on the Konami website:

“METAL GEAR SURVIVE BETA” will be available for 3 days from February 16 to 18th, 2018 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Steam.
The beta will include 3 missions across 2 maps in CO-OP mode. CO-OP can be played with up to four players online. During the beta, we will also offer special daily missions. Upon finishing creating your character, participants in METAL GEAR SURVIVE BETA will receive an in-game bonus in the full game.
Don’t miss this last opportunity to play METAL GEAR SURVIVE early!

Players who downloaded and still have the 1st beta on their PS4 or Xbox One do not need to redownload the beta, but these players will automatically download a patch before playing.

Date and Time:
February 16, 2018 to February 18, 2018

PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Steam

Japan, North America, Europe, Asia

Metal Gear Survive has had a rough time of it ever since it was revealed to the public at TGS 2016 and many were quick to insult Konami for even daring to label it a Metal Gear title and called for its failure.  This sentiment carried well into January 2018 when we finally got a chance to see if our fears were founded thanks to the beta.

Unfortunately, they were.

In an assessment I wrote after spending some time with it, I referred to Metal Gear Survive as a victim of its own franchise. The pieces are in place for something that is actually pretty decent, but the fact that Konami lacked the temerity to make a new IP and instead chose to rely on the Metal Gear name is the one hurdle that Survive likely won’t be able to clear. In the end, its a game claiming to be part of a series that it really has nothing to do with.

This is what people have been zeroing in on since day one and many are even saying they’ll refuse to support any Metal Gear game that doesn’t have Hideo Kojima on the team.

Of course, an overwhelmingly negative fan reaction hasn’t stopped a game from succeeding before. It was just a few months ago that many vowed to not support Star Wars Battlefront II due to EA’s use of microtransactions, but the game went on to do just fine. There’s nothing stopping a similar story from playing out with Metal Gear Survive.

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