Mewtwo to Become Available in Pokémon GO’s Normal Raid Battles

Also, regional exclusive Pokémon will be available to all by hatching 7km Eggs.

by Dylan Siegler
Pokémon Go Ultra Bonus Event

Legendary Pokémon are among the most elusive in Pokémon GO, as they can’t appear in the wild. Originally, these beasts of legend were only available via the game’s Raid Battles, before later appearing as rewards for completing Field Research. However, one Legendary Pokémon has remained more elusive than the rest: since Mewtwo entered the game, it has been available exclusively through EX Raid Battles. But that’s about to change.

It was recently announced that, after a summer of Safari Zone events and the Pokémon GO Fest, the summer will end with an Ultra Bonus Event. A number of things will occur during this event, such as the Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres appearing in Raid Battles from September 13 to September 20, with a chance to encounter their shiny forms, as well as Kanto Pokémon appearing more frequently  until September 30. Also, Mewtwo will finally be available to fight in normal Raid Battles, as opposed to only EX Raid Battles, from September 20 at 1:00pm PST/4:00pm EST through October 23 at 1:00pm PST/4:00pm EST. Lastly, all region-specific Kanto Pokémon will be available to everyone through hatching 7km Eggs. This means that Farfetch’d (normally exclusive to Asia), Kangaskhan (normally exclusive to Australia), Mr. Mime (normally exclusive to Europe), and Tauros (normally exclusive to North America) will be available worldwide in 7km Eggs until the end of September.