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Microsoft confident after latest look at new Gears of War on Xbox One

by William Schwartz


Gears of War fans haven’t heard much about the new game in the series coming to Xbox One. Microsoft has been pretty secretive about the project, after purchasing the franchise from Epic Games earlier this year.

The longer teams have with the hardware, the better they get at using it

Though Gears of War fans do have a lot to look forward to, it seems. Rod Fergusson, formerly of Epic Games, made the move to Black Tusk to shepherd the franchise, so it’s seemingly in good hands. Microsoft recently stoked the flames after an internal trip to the studio, claiming that the game is making great progress, and it seem like the long wait for Gears of War on Xbox One is going to pay off. Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to Twitter to relay what he saw to fans, and claims that the Black Tusk team “is making massive progress.”

‘As happens on any platform. Longer teams have with the hardware, the better they get at using it, and the better the tools get,’ said Spencer.

Just how much longer they’ll have to work on the new Gears of War is anyone’s guess at this point. Halo 5 is presumably due out in Fall of 2015 and it seems unlikely that we’d see two big, first party shooters launch side by side next year. Most speculation tags the next installment of Gears of War as a 2016 release.

Given that Microsoft hasn’t shown a single image or revealed anything about what to expect about the game, that sounds about right.

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